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Winter Preparation Tips to Keep You Safe at Home During a Snowstorm

If you live in an area likely to get hit with winter storms, don’t wait until a blizzard is forecasted to begin making winter preparations. Icy roads are one of the greatest risks to your safety during a snowstorm. Proper winter preparedness will help prevent you from needing to venture out for basic supplies or, […]

5 DIY Steps to Ensure Your House is Warm this Winter

Nobody likes a cold house so why not arrange plumbing insurance, turn up the heating and do a bit of DIY? There’s nothing worse than a cold breeze, so visit your local home store and show off your handy work. Here are 5 ways to make your house cosy – without calling a plumber. Bleed […]

Prepping Your House for Winter

Winter is easily the hardest season on your home. Snow, ice and cold can be very taxing on your building and your wallet. Follow these five tips for prepping you house for winter: 1. Check Your Heating This is the most important thing to do before winter is in full swing. Once the cold hits […]