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One to Watch – TV frames and Interior Designs

Modern flat screen TVs are a great improvement on traditional models – offering simpler and easier designs which integrate into any style of interior design.  Generally requiring less space than the traditional hefty box a flat screen is certainly easier to handle.  Even so, a TV can take over a living room, but most modern […]

Acceptable Viewing – How to Fit a TV into a Design Scheme

Modern TVs are well designed and fit better into most homes than their counterparts from another age – about 20 years ago.  While the latest HD flat screen takes up less room than ever before – for the design conscious, at least, it can present something of a headache.  TVs, even the sleekest, can stick […]

Help! My Living Room is Caught in a Time Warp

Isn’t it amazing how our homes can slowly get out of date without us even realizing it? This very thought crossed my mind a couple of months back when it suddenly dawned on me that my living room had been caught in a time warp. It wasn’t that anything was really that bad. It is […]