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DIY Ant Control

Ants can become a headache-inducing nuisance for many homeowners. Due to their extensive colony network, locating and exterminating them is usually difficult. Luckily, there are many home remedies that work. These remedies are excellent forms of ant control. Homeowners should place slices of cucumber or cucumber peels in areas highly trafficked by ants. Homeowners can […]

DIY Termite Control

Termite infestations are a major concern for homeowners across the world. Fortunately, however, there are multiple termite control products available to protect your home. You will need some special skills to rid your home of termites, the first being a good knowledge of buildings and how they are constructed. This is needed to identify important […]

Ant Control Options for Your Home

Ants are found almost everywhere in the world, so it’s not surprising these tiny bugs are pestering you. There are about 12,000 ant species in the world and in New England alone roughly 10 of the area’s 100 species are considered pests to your home. Permanently removing ants from your home is not always as […]