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Change Your Architectural Hardware to Give Your Home a Facelift

If you’re looking for a no fuss way to give your home a facelift that doesn’t involve going anywhere near a paint pot then why not think about changing your architectural hardware? Often when people move homes they are keen to redecorate but they don’t consider changing door and cupboard handles, knockers, or window casements. […]

How to Decorate a Gothic Bedroom

Gothic architecture originally appeared in the late medieval era and was a reaction against classical style. Nowadays, the meaning of “gothic” ranges from music and fashion sense to interior design. Many people decorate their homes in a gothic style, with bedrooms being a popular choice for the mysterious, medieval design. The beauty of a gothic […]

Ten Furniture Trends of 2011

When designing your home you’ll not only want to refresh the look and feel, you’ll also want to keep up with modern trends. Here are our top ten trends in furniture for 2011. Going green We’re all looking to become more environmentally friendly in the face of climate change and this is something that’s reflected […]