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The Environmental Benefits of Renovating vs. Building a New Home

As a matter of definition, families tend to grow as time goes by. Nearly all families at some point face small challenges related to providing comfort to all members as new arrivals come. Some of these are relatively small in terms of cost and effort, such as the size of the refrigerator or the amount […]

Bathroom Tips For The Green Homeowner

Our homes say a lot about us as individuals. From the neighbourhoods we live in to the colours of our walls and the things we choose to display in our windows, much of what we value can be read by our neighbours, friends and anyone else who passes through the domestic sphere. On some level, […]

How to be Environmentally Friendly in the Kitchen

The desire and requirement to be eco friendly is very much ingrained in modern day living. Cutting energy consumption, emissions and costs, are issues at the forefront of every consumers mind these days. In order to lead greener lives we need to take greater action. This can mean recycling more, swapping to energy efficient appliances […]