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Crib Bedding

There’s a lot of gear out there for babies these days, but crib bedding is a nursery piece you obviously can’t pass up. The good news is that there are an endless number of styles available to suit any nursery. Whether your tastes run towards bargain or luxury styles, classic or modern, the bedding you […]

Chandelier Lighting Creates a Mood

Choosing a crystal chandelier is like buying expensive jewelry; you can get something affordable or you can really splurge on some bling! The crystals in a chandelier crystal will be either hand cut, machine cut or molded. The quality of crystal you choose, and the detail, finish, overall size and design quality of the lighting […]

Wall & Candle Sconces Warm Any Home Interior

Decorating is a very personal endeavor and creating your own unique style is hard work, but adding accents is like putting icing on the cake. And accent lighting can be one of the most visual elements in any home decor. Wall sconces are an elegant and stylish accent lighting element. You can choose electric sconces […]