Surfs Up: Beach Bedroom Themes for Girls

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A bedroom designed to reflect your daughter’s love of surf and sea can be a tropical paradise that she won’t soon outgrow. If your daughter is into beach volleyball, surfing, waterskiing, swimming or other water sports, this will be a natural theme for her bedroom. What could be more fun that a beach bedroom? Read on for some great ideas on decorating your girl’s bedroom with a surfer, tropical beach or beach sports theme.

Picking a Surfer Girl’s Bedroom Colors and Patterns

Start the room by giving it a tropical background. Paint the walls sunny warm colors like Mango orange or pineapple yellow. Attach wall appliqués such as hibiscus flowers or surfboards for an instant punch of the islands.

Bedding can be a combination of solid and patterns in complementary tropical colors such as lime green, hibiscus pink or ocean blue. There are also countless patterns in surf and Hawaiian designs available on the market.

Raffia Embellishments

Raffia fringes are easy to apply and lend a Hawaiian hula look to wherever you use them: desks, dressers, and window valances. Party supply stores often have raffia table skirts that are ready to go. They also make a great replacement for a traditional fabric bed skirt.

A scrap wall is a great way to add personalized surfing and beach-themed art work to your walls without spending anything!

Take a plain lamp and shade and decorate them. You can go floral, using silk or plastic flower leis around the top and bottom rim. Or continue with the raffia theme.

Create overlapping rows of raffia fringe and cover the entire lampshade. Find some toy surfboards and use a glue gun to stick them to the lamp base.

Beach Bedroom Accessories

We’ve compiled a few girls’ beach and surfer bedroom accessory ideas for you:

  • You can string shell shaped party lights across the headboard or along a window valance.
  • Colored lights will give you bedroom the feel of an outdoor beach bar.
  • Paint a beach scene wall mural or create your own surrfing scrap wall.

  • Add a tiki lamp to give your room a tropical feel or how about a surfboard lamp?
  • Replace standard drawer pulls with ones in Bamboo or clever shapes such as fish, shells, surfboards and Hawaiian shirts.
  • An actual surfboard mounted to the wall makes for a fun and unique headboard.
  • Buy several framed vintage surfer posters or make your own beach scrap wall.

Painting a Blue Sky Bedroom Ceiling

A beach and surfer theme is all about the great outdoors, and one surefire way to bring the outdoors inside is to paint a sky on the ceiling, complete with fluffy white clouds. To do this project you will need:

  • Sky blue satin latex paint
  • White satin finish emulsion paint
  • Glaze
  • Paint tray
  • Measuring jug or cup
  • Sea sponges, two or three different sizes, hand sized and smaller
  • A piece of cheesecloth–big enough to form into a hand sized ball
  • A piece of board approximately 3′ x 2′ or heavy cardboard pieces for practice
  • Pictures of clouds for reference

Instructions to Paint Your Ceiling Sky

A small tiki lamp on the bedside talble will add light and style to your tropical beach bedroom.

  1. Start by paint the ceiling sky blue; try painting swatches of several sample shades before you pick the one you want to use.
  2. Before you attempt to add the clouds, practice on a piece of board or canvas. Once you are ready, you can begin painting clouds onto the ceiling; but don’t begin in the center! Clouds are irregular and should not be symmetrical.
  3. Mix white paint and glaze at a 4 to 1 ratio (i.e. 4 cups glaze to 1 cup white paint). Pour into paint tray.
  4. You will use the cheesecloth to soften the sponge marks, so wet it and wring it out completely.
  5. Keep several pictures of clouds on hand for reference.
  6. Wet the sponges and wring them out completely.
  7. Dab sponge into white paint. Remove excess paint by scraping it on the edge of the paint tray.
  8. Begin dabbing in a straight line: as you will see from your cloud pictures many have a straighter bottom.
  9. Begin dabbing above these. Twist and turn the sponge as you dab to create a variety of textures and variations.
  10. When you are happy with the shape, use the cheesecloth (ball it up) and dab over the clouds to soften them.
  11. Build up the clouds by dabbing toward the center and fading out toward the edges, and soften again with the cheesecloth. The center should be denser, but this is best done in small steps. You can always add more paint, but it’s hard to remove any!
  12. Vary the sizes. On a typical bedroom ceiling, 20 to 24 inches are good sizes.
  13. Fill in between the larger clouds with small ones, and even some thin wispy clouds.
  14. If you don’t have the time or desire to paint your own mural of clouds, there are many wallpaper decals and appliqués out there. You can find paint by number murals.
  15. Once your walls are fabulous, add potted palms or even large fake palm trees to the corners of the room.

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