Rocker Girl Bedroom Theme

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If your girl is into rock music, there are many things you can do to reflect her tastes, whether they lean toward alternative, pop, or hip hop. The key to creating a fantastic rocker girl bedroom is drama! And the easiest way to create drama is through color and pattern.

Rocker Girl’s Bedroom Wall Painting and Decorating

So you might need to repaint when the Jonas Brothers are no longer all the rage!

For the perfect background to display your rocker girl’s edgy, modern style, paint the walls, and don’t be shy. Consider black, dark purple and red. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, combining wildly contrasting colors with animal prints, abstract prints and sparkles.

Wall stickers come in all types these days, and finding Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and Camp Rock wall stickers are easy ways to add a your daughter’s favorites. There are also many more generic music stickers available, such as musical notes and stars.

Wallpaper borders are simple to apply, and you can find many that have musical themes. Or use stencils or wall stickers to give your daughter’s bedroom walls a more custom look.

You can create an instant wall mural with old records. Find old (not valuable) records at a flea market or on an auction site and simply glue gun them to the wall. Cover the wall, or create a pattern. Use them to create a headboard, or cover a window valance. You can also create a matching “wind chime” out of old 45 records.

Girl’s Rock and Roll Bedroom Display Ideas

Rockstar pillows; yes these are custom made so you wont find them at Target, sorry.

There are hundreds of uses for old records and even create something useful out of them, such as a peg rack for the wall. Peg racks are a great way to help organize clutter, and can be used for anything from hanging up backpacks, clothes, or accessories.

To create a coat rack out of old records, simply screw them “B” side down onto a 1×4-inch board. Use as many records as you want pegs, and attach a decorative peg, wooden dowel or hook to the center of each LP.

Display rock concert ticket stubs, programs, stickers, and CD covers of favorite artists on a cork board. Or, if you prefer something more permanent, create a special collage of these items.

Old CDs can be glued to cork backings and used as coasters. You could even create a chair rail effect by gluing them edge to edge in a straight line along the wall at chair rail height. Mount them recorded side out for a flashy, mirror-like effect.

Paint the wall below the chair rail a dramatic color, and get creative above the rail; paint musical notes or scales. Using a projector can make painting a mural much easier. Simply pick your images, and trace them onto a clear acetate projector sheet using a black felt pen. Then, project the image onto the wall, and trace the image using chalk. Fill in the chalk lines with paint!

If you really wanted to get creative and your girl’s room has enough space, you could build a little stage or make up vanity themed in her favorite musical genre; again a little paint and some stickers or any of the wall decorating ideas mentioned above can be used to enhance furnishings to match her bedroom music theme.

Putting On Some Musical Touches

Decorate walls with pictures and graphics of Hannah Montana or your other favorite star.

Embellish a wall mirror with glittery stars around the edges. Party supply stores usually carry a variety of these, and they can be easily attached with a hot glue gun.

Replace the boring old ceiling lamp with an actual stage can light suspended from the ceiling. You can find affordable ones on auction sites.

Mount one or two real instruments on the wall. You can find used or discarded guitars, drums or other cheap musical instruments at garage sales or flea markets or look on eBay.

Window coverings should be colorful as well. And you can take standard window drapes and embellish them with rhinestones, stars or find window coverings with a musical theme.
The same is true with the bedding, but don’t go overboard. If you’ve put a lot of graphics on the wall, it’s best to treat the bed more simply with solid colors and bold prints, verses pictures of your child’s favorite ‘Tween’ star.

And of course, no Rocker Girl’s bedroom will be complete without an iPod music player she to which can dock her iPod or friends’ MP3 players and turn up the tunes! Add a keyboard and microphone so they can sing and play along to their favorite hits.

Hip Hop, Rock and Pop Music Bedroom Theme Tips

  • Girls; be sure you check with mom before decorating your room or you’ll be sure to start World War III with her!
  • Start by getting rid of old stuff and clearing out your bedroom to get a fresh start on your girl’s music theme bedroom.
  • Pick a couple of complementary colors or contrasting shades of the same color to establish your color scheme; examples are colors such as black and red, green and yellow or purple and blue.
  • Use bedding (bedspread, blanket, sheets and pillows) to reinforce your color scheme.
  • A lava lamp or black light will give your bedroom a retro 70s rock and roll look.
  • You know what to do when it comes to posters and wall art; remember your musical tastes will change so painting walls in a more ‘generic’ style is better than painting or putting up wall stickers of your favorite musician or band. Use posters so that you can switch them out as your favorites change over time!

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