Little Princess Girls Room Theme

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Make your little princess happy in her own princess palace!

Designing a princess bedroom theme for your little princess is one of the easiest girls’ room themes to achieve; with Disney princess collectibles galore, Barbie princess dolls and other ‘princess’ decorating items on the market today you can’t really go wrong.

You can find princess furniture (princess bed, princess chair, princess vanity, etc.), princess bedding (Disney princess canopy, princess comforter, pillow, etc.) and plenty of princess dolls, costumes and art to decorate her bedroom like a princess palace!

Your biggest problem will be selecting just the right elements. You want your princess’ palace to be luxurious and lovely, not overdone.

Disney Princess Bedroom Ideas

The first thing to determine is what kind of princess room your child wants. Is she a straight up Disney Princess girl? If so, you have all the Disney princesses available to pick from when planning your daughter’s princess room; the Disney princess characters include:

Disney princess bedding and accessories are inexpensive and easy to find in stores or online.

  • Princess Ariel, Film: The Little Mermaid
  • Princess Aurora, Film: Sleeping Beauty
  • Princess Belle, Film: Beauty and the Beast
  • Princess Cinderella, Film: Cinderella
  • Princess Jasmine, Film: Aladdin
  • Princess Mulan, Film: Mulan
  • Princess Pocahontas, Film: Pocahontas
  • Princess Snow White, Film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Decide Which Type of Princess Room Works Best

While the Disney princesses may be the most popular, there are also bedding and decorative options available in Hello Kitty princess and Barbie princess.

You may prefer to have a more generic theme, such as Crowns and Tiaras, Flowers, Castles or Fairyland. Princess-themed rooms are great because they can blend well with other themes such as flowers, dolls and other fairytale or animated movie themes.

Princess Bedroom Color Choices

Pink, purple and blue work well in most princess rooms. Paint your own wall mural to make her princess bedroom really special.

Next, decide on the color scheme and wall color. This is not difficult; most princess rooms are best done in pink or purple, or a combination of the two. Royal blue or purple, gold, silver, pink and white are all good color choices for a princess theme. Gold or silver provides a nice, sparkly accent color.

Once you’ve surveyed what’s out there for bedding, wall decals or wallpaper borders, you can determine if the wall color will be pastel or deep tones of pink/purple, or some combination of the two.

If you are more ambitious, you can also paint faux stones on the walls to mimic castle walls. For the really artistic moms out there, doing a wall mural will really give her princess room designer impact and let you stretch your imagination.

When you are thinking of paint, don’t forget the ceiling! A dreamy ceiling painted with clouds would work nicely. Or you could go glittery, and paint it soft color with a glittery paint.

If painting a princess wall mural isn’t in the budget and you don’t have the skills to paint your own, you can also choose wall decals, stencils or wall borders to help accentuate the princess room theme.

Princess Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Its easy to transform any girls bedroom into a princess bed with a simple canopy or headboard treatment.

White furniture will work best in a pink/purple princess room.  Embellish with gold paint accents, gold or crown shaped drawer pulls.  Gold paint pens are an easy way to trim plain white furniture and make it truly royal.

If you are starting out fresh and shopping for furniture consider using French provincial style furniture. It’s beautiful and elegant enough to grow with your child.

In addition to the usual bedroom furniture, consider adding either a tea table and chairs, or a princess vanity table with a mirror and a tufted stool. A fancy princess throne / chair would add another regal touch.

Take a look at the Disney Princess Collection for some great princess furniture items.

Princess Bedroom Window Treatments

Window treatments must be soft. Sheers gathered with fancy gold tassels or yards of wispy lace or tulle add the right touch. You can even spray paint tulle with spray adhesive and sprinkle it with glitter or add sequins to it for even more sparkle.

Use a layered window covering with a shade or window blind under the decorative layer to ensure privacy and natural light control.

Bedding for a Girl’s Princess Theme Bedroom

Every princess room needs a decorative wall mirror and vanity.

On the bed and in chairs, use lots of throw pillows in luxurious velvety fabrics edged with gold tassels. You can use gold tassels that match to decorate lamp pulls, the canopy, and along the bottom of the bed dust ruffle.

Bedding, pillows and window treatments should be done in rich fabrics such as silks, damask, velvet will work best. Also, if you are not going for the Disney look; floral prints, embroideries and tapestries all add a regal feeling.

Make Your Own Princess Trellis

  1. Paint one wall with a trellis pattern, with a soft pastel wall and darker trellis to contrast makes a statement.
  2. Disney actually makes a color called Sleeping Beauty Pink, but paint the entire wall with a deep pink latex. (The deeper color will actually become the trellis pattern, not the background.)
  3. Mark your trellis pattern: starting in the upper left corner, make a mark every 12” along the wall’s outside edges, then repeat this along the top, bottom and right sides.
  4. Use a light pencil to connect the marks diagonally across the wall. Voila! You have a trellis pattern.
  5. Use ¾” painter’s tape to tape over the marks. Rub it firmly into the wall so no paint leeks underneath the edges.
  6. Now, repaint the entire wall with the lighter color. Before the paint is try remove the tape.
  7. At each cross in the trellis, apply a small stencil or wall decal in a crown shape.

Bed Canopy the Focal Point of a Princess Room

A canopy will add whimsical fun to your princess bedroom theme. Whether she is 6, 9 or even 12 years old, you can tailor the canopy decoration to her tastes.

No princess room would be complete without a canopy over the bed. And, as canopies go the crown canopy is King, or in this case Queen. You can purchase beautiful silk bowers that when hung above the headboard create a crown canopy over the bed. If you’d prefer to make one, here is one suggestion:

Swagged Princess Theme Bed Canopy

  1. A swag canopy is simple and elegant. Drape silk fabric (or tulle or satin) over a single rod centered over the bed at the height of the canopy, then over rods (one per side) on either side of the bed to create a tent like effect.
  2. Attach a curtain rod or decorative dowel 6” to 18” below the ceiling above the center of the bed.
  3. Install either two tiebacks or two more dowels about 30” off the floor. The fabric will drape over these, making the sides of the tent.
  4. Measure the fabric length you will need by draping string over the three rods. Measure from the floor on one side, up and over the tiebacks or side rods and over the top dowel and back down to the floor, ensuring you leave enough length for the fabric to drape gracefully and perhaps pool onto the floor.
  5. Now, add ½ yard of extra fabric to your estimation to allow for hems.
  6. If your fabric has a pattern, you may need to line it, or fold it in half so that pattern is on both sides.
  7. Add fringe, tiebacks and or tassels for added elegance. Embellish with Disney princess comforter or get something like the Disney princess bed tent if making your own princess bed canopy is too much work and expense.

Additional Princess Room Decorating Tips

Every little princess needs her magic wand. Embroider a pillow to embellish her princess room.

  • Replace your girl’s boring overhead light with a chandelier fit for a princess
  • Add a Disney princess sleeping bag or two for princess parties and sleepovers
  • Hang an ornate mirror with a gilded frame, or guild one yourself to let your little princess put on her favorite princess costume and adore her princess self
  • Every little princess needs her princess jewelry box to keep her tiara, rings, necklaces, ear rings and other princess jewels in order
  • Combine ideas from our other girl’s bedroom decorating articles such as Pretty in Pink or Fairyland themes

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