Kids Room Decorating on a Budget

Here is a great example of how to decorate your kids room on the cheap; total budget was 100 dollars!

In my opinion, a kid’s bedroom is the most enjoyable room to decorate and probably the easiest.  You can let your imagination run wild and explore outrageous colors that you wouldn’t dream of using elsewhere in the home. But it can get expensive unless you know how to decorate on the cheap.

If your child is young, then decorating their room also allows you to create a great room that you would have loved when you were a child. But remember a child’s room should be fun and exciting as it is often not only a bedroom but a playroom also.

However, despite how fun and easy it is to decorate a kid’s bedroom, there is still the matter of how much it costs. We’d all love to be able to buy everything we want but this is often too costly, so here are some top tips to help when decorating a kids’ bedroom and keep the costs down!

Tip One: Plan for Kids’ Bedroom Decorating Savings

When decorating, many of us don’t plan what we are going to do but instead, we dive straight into the deep end and start throwing color around. Although, this is probably the easiest way to decorate, it does not always work out as you wished it would and then you have to start over.

Before you start decorating you should conduct a plan of action! So here are three important things to consider in saving money on kids room decorating:

  1. Consider the colors and themes you will use and remember to be imaginative and courageous as nothing is too much for a kid’s room.
  2. Consider what furniture you will use and set an aim of what you want the end product to look like. This does not mean having to draw architectural drawings but merely imagine what you would like the end product to look like.
  3. For help, browse online and around local stores and malls to find great ideas!

Tip Two: Affordable Kids’ Room Themes

You should always have a set theme for a room, even if you plan on using a mix of colors and décor it is still going to be based around a theme. The good thing about a kid’s room is that there is a wide range of themes you can use but they don’t take much imagination to conduct as many of them are pretty easy to come by and are simply a matter of the sex of a child.

For example if your child is a little girl then a princess theme using pinks and purples is a common choice. However, if you are struggling finding a theme here are a few ideas for both boys and girls:

  • Space Theme – Use blues, greens and silvers along with spaceships, stars, planets and moons, you can create a room that is out of this world.
  • Car Theme – Use reds, blues, whites, greens or oranges along with everything relating to cars and racing/ race tracks to make a room that
  • Football Theme – You can use a range of colors for this theme from blues to reds. You could also base it around there favorite football team or make it into a football ground, the ideas are endless for this theme but no matter what you choose to do it is sure to be a winning room.
  • Dinosaur Theme – Take your child back to when dinosaurs walked the planet using neutral colors, greens and reds to create a roaring room.

Affordable Themes for a Girl’s Room

  • Fairytale Theme – Use pinks, purples and yellows along with fluffy pillows and girly accessories to create a room fit for a princess.
  • Flower Theme – Give your child a taste of the great outdoors with bright colors and retro flowers.
  • Over the Rainbow Theme – Use all the colors of the rainbow along with clouds to make a room that leaves you with a pot of gold at the end.

Tip Three: Paint Your Child’s Bedroom

Now that you have conducted a plan and have a theme for the room, it’s time to start the decorating process. The best way to create a new look is to use paint.

Interior wall paint comes in a wide range of colors and is really affordable, not only this but other benefits include the fact it can easily be wiped down using a damp cloth, which is great for messy kids, and it can also act as a base for a room that can be built on using wall accessories (see tip number four).

Tip Four: Affordable Wall Art and Decoration

So now you have your basic theme color going on it is time to expand on it and give the room some character and extend on the theme. There are several different ways to do this and it is all a matter of sticking things on the walls.

One idea is to use posters or framed artwork that is based around the child’s favorite animation character or you could use flowers, dinosaurs, footballs etc. This is all dependent on the theme of the room. For more ideas on budget artwork take a look at our article on Affordable Artwork for Home Décor.

You could also us wall stickers or borders to add some character to the room. Alternatively, you could use stencils on the walls, these are easy to do and affordable as it just uses paint. In addition, if you are good at art yourself then why not try painting some artwork of your own.

You could also use frieze frame murals. Although these are slightly more expensive, they are a really fun idea in a child’s bedroom because they create an illusion of being in a different setting or surrounding. For example, an underwater world mural creates the illusion that you are under the sea. There are many different ones available such as, space murals, dinosaur mural, race car mural, jungle mural etc. they can be bought online for a range of prices depending on the size you require.

Tip Five: Inexpensive Kids’ Bedroom Furniture

The most expensive part of decorating a kid’s bedroom is buying the furniture because they tend to need a lot of storage for their toys. However, you can save money by using old furniture. For example, if you have an old wardrobe or drawers that you would usually throw away then put it in the children’s bedroom.

If it doesn’t match the color scheme then paint it using left over paint; more often than not, you have overestimated how big the room is and now have half a tub of paint you don’t need!

Most furniture can be painted so no matter what it is you can find a use for it. For instance, if the child’s old bed was white and you’re now decorating the room pink then don’t just buy a new bed, just paint the old one! You will save loads of money this way and cut down on wastage!

Final Tip: Have Fun!

Have FUN with the room, use techniques and colors that you wouldn’t usually use. Kids like bright colors and outrageous patterns and pictures and if you follow these tips then your child will love their new room and you’ll love how much you saved.

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