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Gotta Dance; custom painted wall mural highlights her love to dance!

Gotta Dance!

Dancing is one of the most popular sports for girls, and in the dance world ballet is the queen. But weather your girl likes ballet, tap, hip hop or Broadway, there are many ways you can create a room that reflects her passion.

Put your pictures to work! If your girl performs in dance recitals, you undoubtedly have a large number of formal portraits and performance pictures. Put those images to work by making a Wall of Fame. Select an area of a wall and outline it with stencils or appliqué stars. Use the center to post your pictures.

If you use framed pictures for your Wall of Fame, choose frames that match. For example, if you use all white frames in a variety of shapes and sizes you get a clean, crisp look on a light pink wall. Or, use plain black frames with white mats for a classic art gallery look. Having the same color or style of frame will tie them together and keep your display from looking messy.

Alternatively, you could create a collage of pictures directly on the wall or onto a large canvas that you hang. This would allow for more performance shots and give the mural a less formal appearance.
If your dancer loves Broadway, you could create a mural using the covers of Playbills, promotional photos of favorite dancers and dance numbers from shows.


Set the Stage

Over the bed, create a stage curtain. Making one is easy, and only requires a curtain rod, drapes and tiebacks. Over the bed, (or over the barre area, see below) install a standard curtain rod about 2’ wider than the bed. Hang drapes in rich velvety fabrics. Consider crushed velvet, velour, and even glittery velvets. Match the color to the décor of the room, but it will look best in deep, rich shades. Use tassels for tiebacks.

Hang a disco ball from the ceiling to create a cool dance floor atmosphere, and install several spotlights to highlight the ‘dance floor’ or her Wall of Fame.

Ballet Theme

So many girls love ballet that there are hundreds of decorative accents and furniture available with a ballerina theme. Start with the Pretty in Pink bedroom, and use the softer pinks and whites for a classical ballet feel.

Wallpaper boarder or appliqués of ballerinas are easy to find in ballet slippers, ribbons, bows, and roses. White shadow murals create a nice subtle effect when painted over a soft pink wall.

What little ballerina wouldn’t want a mirror and barre in her bedroom? You can easily create your own. Cover the wall with mirror tiles or hang a large wall mirror. For the barre, use railing brackets and a closet rod. The barre should be approximately waist high to your child. It’s that simple.

It’s best of course if you have hardwood floors in the bedroom, but if you don’t, consider installing a small stage under the barre. Or, install wood floor tiles directly over the carpet to provide a smooth surface to dance on. Take it the extra mile and install a spotlight on the ceiling so it can shine on your dancer.

You can find tons of sports-themed bedding sets for her bedroom. This set is available online at


The bedding should be luxurious, and of course there are a lot of choices out there: ballet inspired sheet sets, comforters and pillows will all set the stage for sweet dreams. Throw pillows embellished with roses, lace and pearls will add an elegance fit for a ballerina. If you are making your own throw pillows, use those old tutus and other costume accessories to embellish them.

Create a special place for your dancer’s trophies; either a display cabinet or several staggered shelves will work nicely. If she’s more of a ballet fan than a dancer, use the shelves to display dolls and stuffed animals dressed in tutus.

A pretty white peg rack or even a coat rack could be the perfect place to hang all of her ballet slippers from the time she started dancing. On a peg rack, hang the slippers from smallest to largest with elegant pink or white ribbons.

For older girls, create a special place to display toe shoes. Many larger ballet companies will sell signed copies of toe shoes worn by their dancers.


For a gymnastics theme, choose bold colors. You could go sassy with lime green, black and white, or use red, white, and blue for US Gymnastics theme. You could also use the colors displayed in the Olympic rings: black, blue, red, yellow and green, and there are many wall murals featuring the Olympic Rings that would enhance the design. If she competes, she might want to use the colors of her gymnastics team.

Instead of a throw rug, why not put a gym mat in the middle of the floor? She’s usually tumbling and flipping anyway, and if you have a mat in the room she can do it safely and comfortably.

Provide ample space for trophies. A single display shelf will probably not be enough, so plan on a special wall of shelves or a display cabinet to house all of her awards, medals and trophies. In between the shelves, you could also display framed pictures of your gymnast in action.

Ball Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, etc.

Junior Varsity pillows and bed quilt can work in either a girl or boy bedroom. Available at Pottery Barn Kids.

A sports-themed room is not just for boys any longer! Rooms decorated with volleyball, soccer, and basketball images are just as popular with girls.

There is no limit to the range of colors you could use in a sporty girls bedroom. Some sporty girls still want pinks and purples, and some will opt for an edgier look with orange and lime.

Many sheet sets and window treatments with sports themes will be in “masculine” colors such as navy blue, green, and maroon. But there are increasingly more options out there in colors that have girl appeal. If you can’t find the right sport in the right colors, use solids for bedding and sheets, and accessorize with pillows shaped like balls, #1 waving fingers, or pennants.

Window Treatments

You could make a custom window treatment easily, and get an exact match for the bedroom. One very simple approach that doesn’t require a lot of craft experience or equipment is to buy a simple roller shade. Lighter colors work better for a project like this. Then, you’ll need a rubber stamp in a shape of your choice such as footballs. Pick out craft paint, and use it to randomly stamp footballs all over the shade, or maybe in a straight line along the bottom of the shade. Now you’ve got a handmade shade that will really add to the decorating scheme without breaking the bank.

As with window treatments, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to sports themed bedding. There are plenty of sports themed sheet sets out there. One suggestion is to pair those sheets with a plain comforter, duvet, or blanket. That way, if he suddenly switches his loyalties to a new favorite team or sport, it’s a little less expensive to switch out the bedding to reflect the new preference.

Make it Unique with Accessories

Hang a basketball hoop on the wall and use it as a place to hang clothes or her uniforms.
Hang one of those mesh corner nets that many little girls use to hold their dolls. The balls go up in the net, where they can be seen but stay out of the way.

Locker themed bins are available at many home decorating stores. You could also find an actual locker that they could use to keep their sports gear in. She could decorate it just like she does at school!

Just like in the dancer’s room, create a Wall of Fame for your child’s pictures and trophies. Find a digital template that allows you to put girl’s picture onto the cover of Sports Illustrated or other sport magazine.

Place several beanbag chairs around the room for lounging in; you can find ones that look like basketballs, baseballs and soccer balls.

Create a unique ball border … with actual balls! This gives a wonderful 3-D effect. Take six balls of whatever sport your girl prefers: soccer balls and basketballs work well. Use an electric saw to cut the balls in half, and then hot glue gun them to the wall.

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