Designing a Superhero Bedroom

Super heros make a great theme, with plenty of wallpaper, bedding, lamp shades and other items from which to select, or you can make your own.

Does your little boy go absolutely crazy over Superman, Batman, or the Hulk? Does he spend most of his time vanquishing the imaginary forces of evil in your backyard?

If your little boy is interested in a superhero bedroom, you can of course head out to a random superstore and pick out all of the superhero accessories, but you’ll get a more personalized look at a better price if you do it yourself. Consider these simple tips to get a super look at a super price.

Superhero Bedroom Basics

The first thing that you’ll need to determine when it comes to your superhero bedroom is what heroes you’ll be incorporating. If your child has a strong preference for Spiderman, the Incredibles, or the Teen Titans, then you may want to focus on this hero or group.

Your color scheme would be based on the hero’s costume: red, blue, and black for a Spiderman bedroom, for example.

If your child has problems picking one favorite (when asked for his favorite superhero, my son lists four right off the bat), then consider a more generalized approach not focusing on any one hero in particular. Good color schemes for this type of room focus on primary colors. Most superhero costumes integrate one or more primaries, which will tie the room together.

Since superhero color schemes tend to be pretty bright, keep the furnishings and walls fairly painless. If your child absolutely must have a bright red wall just like Spiderman’s suit or a green one to match the Hulk’s skin, then consider painting one accent wall in that color and leaving the rest of the room in white. That way, you won’t need to shield your eyes in pain every time you walk in.

Batman remains a favorite super hero; inexpensive Batman bedding will transform his room into his own bat cave.

You can also break up large expanses of color with superhero posters or select a wall with windows or doors to keep the color from being overwhelming. Just leave the trim or doors white to tone down the color.

When it comes to furnishings in a child’s bedroom, it’s always best to leave them basic. Yes, you can paint the furniture red and black and stencil an Incredibles symbol on top of the nightstand, and it would look amazing. However, when your son gets a little older, that nightstand might not be so cool any more, and it’s going to be difficult to paint over that symbol. Before you custom paint any piece, make sure that you’re willing to replace it in a couple of years.

One alternative is to purchase some vinyl wall stickers in a superhero theme and use them on the furniture instead of the walls. You’ll get the same look in the end, and you won’t have to throw out the furniture when all is said and done.

Superhero Window Treatments

With all of these bright colors and patterns in the room, carefully consider your window treatments. If you’ve chosen a bright color for the walls, layering on another bright color or pattern on the window is going to be visually overwhelming to say the least. In that case, it’s better to stick with plain white curtains or blinds. But there’s no need to leave them completely generic!

You could accessorize blinds with a small, bright colored valance at the top of the frame. You could hang a small superhero Christmas ornament or figurine from the curtain tiebacks. Whip out your sewing machine and trim the curtains with ribbons in the superhero color scheme. Or add some iron on patches to the bottom of plain curtains to tie them in with the rest of the room.

The Incredibles and other super hero bedding sets are easy to find at Target, Wal-mart and other stores.


Superhero Bedding

Obviously, you can purchase superhero sheets and bedding at any major store. The unfortunate reality is that those sheets are a little more expensive, and you run the risk that the superhero du jour will change from year to year. Purchasing an entirely new set each year will get a little expensive, so consider the following options.

One suggestion is to buy a comforter in a primary color. Blue is always a good choice and will go well with almost any set of superhero sheets. This way, when Billy decides that Superman is much cooler than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you can simply replace the sheets and keep the comforter, saving a lot of spare change in the process.

You can also do the entire bed in primary colors. Buy an accent pillow printed with the superhero emblem or a stuffed superhero to sit on top. Or get an iron on transfer and add some superhero decorations yourself.

Superhero Accessories

No superhero room would be complete without some superhero pictures. Posters are an incredibly cost effective way to inject a little action into the space, but poster frames can get a little costly. You could tape the posters directly to the walls, but it doesn’t look that great and can leave marks on the walls to boot.

Consider mounting the posters on Styrofoam. You can purchase thin sheets of foam and some spray adhesive at your local craft store for less than half of what you’d pay for a poster frame. You may want to spray paint the visible edges of the foam or cover them with ribbon. And of course, you can cut the foam down to fit any size poster.

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