Designing a Space Bedroom

If your son is anything like mine, he can’t decide whether or not he wants to be an astronaut, a fireman, a doctor, or all three at the same time.

But one thing is for certain; he loves outer space. He likes playing with spaceships, thinks Buzz Lightyear is the coolest, and is thrilled by glow in the dark stars and moons. If this sounds anything like your little guy, why not redecorate his bedroom in a space theme?

A space bedroom is easy to do, and its universal appeal might just carry you through a little longer without a redecoration in the near future.

An outerspace theme such as Buzz Lightyear can easily be achieved with wall decorating, bedding and a few toys and accessories.

Space Bedroom Basics

As with most bedroom themes, there are a lot of takes on the boys’ space bedroom. You could decorate using an outer space theme focusing more on astronomy. Glow in the dark stars, comets, and solar system models would all be great contributions to this more minimalist approach that would really suit the tastes of an older boy not quite ready for an adult style room.

You could focus more on spaceships and astronauts; there are plenty of fabric choices and stick-ons in this category that would make for a very attractive room. Or you could take a more playful, even cartoonish approach and use little green aliens and characters like Buzz Lightyear or the Space Monkeys. Brighter colors and silly accessories would make this a great room for younger boys.

You can use wall stick ons to give your outerspace bedroom accents like quarter moons, spaceships and planets.

Color-wise, space themed bedrooms often run into a problem. As a backdrop for all of those stars and spaceships, you need a dark color like a deep blue or even a black to make them pop and simulate the expanse of space. Especially in smaller bedrooms, all of those dark colors can become overwhelming and make the space seem smaller than it really is.

So what do you do if you’ve got a bedroom the size of a closet but your little guy is still space crazy? You have a few options: you can paint one wall as an accent wall and leave the others in a lighter color. (One really interesting idea is to use a black magnetic primer under the paint and buy magnetized planets, stars, and spaceships for your son to play with.)

If you’re particularly handy with a paintbrush, you can make a mural on one wall, again leaving the other walls lighter to open up the space. Or lastly, you can paint the ceiling to simulate the night sky, leaving the walls unpainted. This last idea is best left alone if you’re a beginning painter, though, because it’s tough to get even coverage on a ceiling with such a dark color.

Furniture-wise, think streamlined and metallic whenever possible. A simple metal bed frame, desk, and nightstand are relatively cheap and will transition well to a more adult design later.

Space Window Treatments

For younger boys, simply making or purchasing curtains in a space themed print may be the best way to go. Certainly, it’s the easiest to implement. But if you think that the space design will be sticking around for a while, why not try something a little more creative?

Get an affordable fabric roller shade and paint circles on it. With a few strokes of a paintbrush or Sharpie, you can turn circles into planets (add some rings for Saturn), moons (add a few craters), or a comet (add a flaming tail). A rocket is easy to draw: a triangle in silver paint, attached to a rectangle. Add a red tip to the cone and flames coming out the end and you’re set.

The space theme gives your boys room decor energy, color and a place where the imagination can run wild!

Space Bedding

If you’re running a little short on time and energy at this point, there’s nothing wrong with heading out to the closest store and buying some space themed bedding. But you can save a little time and money with a more customized approach. Try layering shades of black and dark blue to simulate space and then add some circular throw pillows.

To make it even more fun, how about one pillow in blue and green to represent Earth, another in red for Mars, and so on? Or for a budding astronaut, integrate some metallic silver into the mix. Most metallics don’t wash very well, so it’s best to keep them off of the sheets, but throw pillows would be a great place to get a little silver trim into the mix. And for the alien fanatic, glue some googly eyes to bright green pillows.

Space Accessories

Basic accessories for a space bedroom are pretty common sense. Glow in the dark stars cover a lot of space at a little price, but they’re difficult to see with the lights on if you don’t stick them onto a dark colored background. Spaceship models can be hung or displayed on shelves. And solar system models are great ideas for older boys but not necessarily for the younger set.

You can also get a little more creative, of course. Buy some circular picture frames and hang up photos of family and friends. Use pipe cleaners to create rings around planets (just don’t cover anyone’s face!), make a comet’s tail out of paper or fabric and attach it to a photo, or even make a big moon and glue faces of family and friends into the craters if you’re really crafty.

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