Designing a Cowboy Bedroom

Pillows with images of Buffalo and an abstract horse image set a great focal point.

If your little boy is crazy over Woody from Toy Story or has a blast playing Cowboys and Indians, why not decorate his bedroom in a cowboy theme?

The cowboy theme is simple to do yourself, even if you’re not particularly crafty, and it uses some basic colors that will transition well into a more mature design once he hits his teenage years.

Read on to learn more about how to change that drab bedroom into a cowpoke’s paradise.

Cowboy Bedroom Basics

You can take a couple of different approaches to the cowboy bedroom. You can apply a little paint to the walls, buy some Woody sheets and hang some cowboy hats on the wall, and call it quits.

You can take a cowboy/western approach and implement western gear and patterns into the mix. Or you can decorate Cowboys and Indians style, mixing traditional western gear with some Native American touches.

By taking the time to decide exactly what kind of cowboy bedroom your son will enjoy, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headaches later.

Generally, cowboy rooms are done in primary colors and dusty tones. You don’t want bright and cartoonish colors in the room unless you plan to decorate in cartoon cowboys. Otherwise, stick with shades that you’d find in Western bandanas and country decorating: brick red, slate blue, sunshine yellow, wood brown and creamy white would all be terrific choices.

Consider brightening up the room by adding some color to the trim or walls. However, in most cases it’s not the best idea to paint both walls and trim in contrasting colors, since that can be really visually overwhelming. It’s probably a good idea to leave the trim white and paint the walls or vice versa, unless you really know what you’re doing paint wise.

A colorful farm theme gives this baby nursery a fresh and wholesome look.

When it comes to furniture in a boy’s cowboy bedroom, rugged, unpainted wood basics are probably your best option. They are easy to find, relatively affordable, very durable, and will transition well into whatever design your son wants next. A simple varnish or stain will protect the wood and make the pieces shine, and your bedding and accessories will add plenty of cowboy flair to these basic pieces.

Cowboy Window Treatments

You have a few options when it comes to window treatments in a cowboy bedroom. For a cartoonish take on the cowboy theme, you might simply stick with purchased curtains in a Woody pattern. Or, you could buy some denim patterned curtains and add some Woody “iron-on” patches in the corners.

For a more traditional take on the cowboy theme, you could take those same denim patterned curtains and glue some gold braided trim around the edges.

Or purchase some brown shutters and hang them like saloon doors over the windows. You could even stamp on a sheriff’s star or some other design at the top to make them look more like doors. Or how about hanging café style curtains in a gingham check?

Rustic patterns and bold colors give the bed a subtle western decor.

Cowboy Bedding

As with most kids bedroom themes, you can purchase cowboy themed sheets at most department stores or superstores. If you choose to go this route, it’s not a bad idea to go for a more generic comforter in a solid color that matches the sheets.

It’s much more cost-effective and will transition well to another theme if necessary. You can also stick with simple flannel or cotton sheets in a plaid or check pattern, which will add to that rustic cowboy feel.

Accent pillows are a real help in integrating plain bedding with the rest of the room, look for pillows shaped like cowboy boots, or add an iron on transfer of a horse or cowboy to a plain accent pillow.

Cowboy Accessories

With a cowboy bedroom, the accessories are really important and help to tie the room together. You can make a lot of them yourself with very little craft skill required. For example, no cowboy would ever go anywhere without his lasso.

You can make one out of a simple length of braided rope. It could be hung on the wall, draped over a dresser, or used to hold back curtains; just make sure that it stays out of the reach of young children! You can also use lengths of rope for decorating. Wrap a long piece of sisal rope around a plain lamp base to make it work with the rest of the room. Glue it onto picture frames that don’t match the rest of the decorating.

Use decorative throw pillows to give your boys room a western cowboy look that can easily be changed when he outgrows the cowboy look!

Wooden horses, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and bandannas are all great items to place on shelves or on top of dressers. Put a rocking horse in the corner.

If your theme is Cowboys and Indians, add some Native American elements by hanging a dream catcher over the bed and a toy bow and arrow on the walls.

Arrange cowboy hats and Indian headdresses on pegs for dress up time and add a pair of beaded moccasins alongside the cowboy boots. This will ensure that your son’s cowboy room will not only be attractive; it’ll also be fun!

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