Designing a Boy’s Sports Bedroom

If you’re looking for a bedroom theme that will take your son from childhood, through tweendom, and beyond, consider sports.

Sports themed bedrooms can be playful of course, but they also work well for older children who shun baby-ish designs. The key to having a room that will grow with him is to select furniture basics that will work well as you change around the accessories. Read more for some ideas on how to make a sports lover’s paradise.

Sports Bedroom Basics

Obviously, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to sports bedrooms. The simplest, and often the best choice for younger boys, is to decorate the room with a variety of sports themes. In these rooms, basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and more all mingle together.

As your boy gets older, however, he may start to show a strong preference for one sport over another. You’ll need to replace sheets and decorations on the wall, but otherwise it’s simple to move from a general sports theme to something more specific like a soccer themed room. And as he grows further, he may also become a fan of a special sports team, which offers additional decorating possibilities.

As you’d expect, your color scheme will change depending on your approach. If you have a specific sports team in mind, then you’re lucky, because you have their colors to work with. If the colors aren’t your favorite or would be a little too overwhelming when painted on the walls, consider doing the trim or limiting them to accessories, bedding, and windows. For a more general approach, you’ll want to stick with bright, cheery colors; the same colors that you’d find on player’s uniforms and things like that. Browns, whites, and blacks can help to ground the room.

Furniture of any type would look good in a sports themed bedroom. The key here is that especially with younger boys, the furniture is probably going to take a beating, so pick furniture pieces that are sturdy and will wear well.

Sports Window Treatments

Sports themed curtains are very easy to purchase, so you might just skip the creative stuff and buy something that works for you. You can find prints decorated with basketballs, soccer balls, footballs and the like for younger boys. Older boys might appreciate curtains printed with the insignia of their favorite team or league. Or if you’ve got a color scheme for a team but can’t find curtains in that print, layer curtains in the team colors, or sew a ribbon stripe of one team color onto a panel in the other color.

You can also take a slightly more creative approach to the windows in your son’s sports bedroom by making the window treatments. One very simple approach that doesn’t require a lot of craft experience or equipment is to buy a simple roller shade. Lighter colors work better for a project like this. Then, you’ll need a rubber stamp in a shape of your choice such as footballs. Pick out craft paint, and use it to randomly stamp footballs all over the shade, or maybe in a straight line along the bottom of the shade. Now you’ve got a handmade shade that will really add to the decorating scheme without breaking the bank. And another bonus is that roller shades really control the light and are fairly sturdy.

Sports Bedding

As with window treatments, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to sports themed bedding. There are plenty of sports themed sheet sets out there. One suggestion is to pair those sheets with a plain comforter, duvet, or blanket. That way, if he suddenly switches his loyalties to a new favorite team or sport, it’s a little less expensive to switch out the bedding to reflect the new preference.

You can also dress up those sheets with some shaped throw pillows. You can find throws shaped like most sports balls, so why not throw a football shaped pillow onto the bed to spice it up? Not only will it look nice, but it’s also less likely to break something when your son throws it in the house.

Sports Accessories

It’s only natural that some of your key accessories are going to be sports balls, but how do you display them? You don’t want to trip over them constantly, but if they’re supposed to be a part of the decoration, you don’t want to hide them in a bin either.

One suggestion is to hang one of those mesh corner nets that many little girls use to hold their dolls (just don’t tell him that, obviously). The balls go up in the net, where they can be seen but stay out of the way. There are also some organizers that have mesh pockets or bins, those would work to keep the balls visible too.

For more accessory inspiration, look at the sport in question. String up a net for a tennis room (or if you’re feeling really motivated, put a tennis court up on the wall using painter’s tape and then paint the wall green). Hang a small hoop for a basketball room. Display jerseys or helmets, which can be especially fun for younger boys to dress up in.

Hang pennants, or for a more playful approach, get one of those foam number one fingers to display on the wall. Get a collection of bobbleheads or put up shelves to display a treasured collection of signed baseballs or sports cards.

By focusing on his interests, you’ll get a room that he’ll be proud to call his own.

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