Designing a Boy’s Skateboard Bedroom

From a creative standpoint, you have plenty of options when planning your room with a skateboard theme. How about turning a couple of old boards into display shelving?

If you need a bedroom theme for an older boy, a boy who’s not quite ready for an adult room but isn’t quite ready for a kid’s room either, then look no further. A skateboard themed room might just be the right choice for your son.

The skateboard theme is still fun and youthful, but it also works for tweens and teens who have outgrown most of the character themes. Keep reading for some advice on how to make your son’s room into a skateboarder’s heaven.

Skateboard Bedroom Basics

The skateboard bedroom is fairly straightforward in terms of a theme. If your son is particularly into the sport and wants to choose a professional skateboarder to feature, then you might want to start with that as an inspiration and let the theme develop from there.

But one of the best things about a skateboard bedroom theme is that it doesn’t all need to match. Skateboard style is a mishmash of colors and designs that all work together to create a cohesive whole. So your job is to make it all work together.

Generally, a skateboard room is usually very colorful and can become overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to tone down some of the elements. For example, if you plan to do a killer wall treatment, then it might be a good idea to tone down the bedding and window treatments or vice versa. This doesn’t mean that your bedding needs to be plain. For example, you could try black and white or black and grey bedding, with a skull and bones throw pillow to tie the bed into the theme. Or camouflage is always a good way to go when it comes to bedding and window treatments in skateboard rooms.

In a skateboard themed room, industrial looking furniture will look the best. So you can go smooth and sleek with metal and glass furniture accented with chains, or you can go rough and rugged with unfinished wood planks that bring to mind homemade ramps and skateboard parks.

A bit extreme to be sure, but thats what the skating lifestyle is all about!

Boy’s Skater Room Window Treatments

There are plenty of places online that sell skateboard themed window treatments and bedding; so if you’re in the mood for curtains you’ll certainly find some there. You can get prints with skaters on them, or try something a little more generic like the aforementioned skull and bones or camouflage prints that you should be able to find at a local store. Tie them back with industrial looking metal tiebacks to complete the look.

If you’re looking for something a little more original, you have plenty of options. Try making a roller shade out of some metallic looking fabric to reflect a little light back into a room that seems too dark or small. You can buy roller shade kits at most craft and fabric stores, and they’re very easy to make. You could also buy indoor shutters and spray paint them in a metallic sheen, and then you could even customize the border of the shades with stickers picked out by your child.

Skater Bedding Ideas

When it comes to bedding in a skateboard room, generally less is more. As we’ve already mentioned, the walls and accessories in a skateboard room can generally get a little overwhelming, and if you go crazy with the bedding too, you’ll get an instant headache the minute you walk in the door.

Best to treat the bedding and window treatments as anchors for the room; by sticking to a couple of colors and a single pattern, you’ll allow the accessories to really stand out. Consider simple patterns and darker colors to compensate for the rest of the room. And there’s certainly no reason that you can’t use a plain sheet and comforter set and accessorize with a skateboard themed throw pillow to tie it in with the rest of the room.

Skater Bedroom Accessories

Really artwork is the quickest way to give your boys bedroom a serious skater theme!

The skateboard room is really all about the accessories and the walls. If you look at skateboards, most kids decorate them with random stickers in a variety of colors, and they stick them on every which way without much of a pattern. Similarly, if you think of a skateboard park, the basic lines are pretty simple, but the parks are often decorated with large, bright murals (and if the park isn’t already decorated, the chances are good that someone will come along with a can of spray paint and decorate it with graffiti).

These elements should be your inspiration, but we’re not suggesting that you let your children loose in the room with a can of spray paint unless you’re really confident in his abilities and don’t mind putting on a bunch of layers of primer to cover it up later. If you do have a budding artist, get a prepared canvas or a plain white sheet and let him spray paint his own designs on that and hang it in the room. This gives the same feel as a mural but is easily removed later when you move out or when he does.

And if none of you are particularly artistic, you can always buy wall murals, wallpaper, or stickups that give the right industrial type vibe. Look for wallpaper to mimic an unpainted brick wall, look for stickers that mimic street signs and stick them up randomly. Pretty much anything you’d find on a city street is fair game.

If you want something a little more unique, gather stickers from around your town, and especially from local skateboard shops, and use them to cover an old coffee can or picture frame. You can store CDs in the coffee can when it’s done.

Really, the key to a successful skateboard room is to have fun!

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