Designing a Boy’s Car Theme Bedroom

A fun car theme; a road map painted on the wall, old license plates on the headboard and bright race-inspired checkered pillows.

Whether your son is into NASCAR or just likes playing with Matchbox cars, a car bedroom theme might be right up your alley.

There are some major advantages to using a theme like this: the allure of cars is universal; it’s easy to find plenty of accessories that would work in this type of room, and they’re not going to lose their popularity and appeal next year like a lot of cartoon characters might.

If you think that your child might like to have a car bedroom, read on for some design tips to get you started.

Car Bedroom Theme Basics

Take a little time to decide what kind of car room you’d like to decorate and what kind your child will respond best to. You can take a general car approach, with neutral colors and a variety of different types of cars.

You can decorate the room with racecars for the aforementioned NASCAR fan, or focus on a particular car and driver for a dedicated fan. Or you could also decorate the room in a garage theme, with cars, wrenches, and other tools all mixed in together. Take the time to find an approach that will really capture his interests, and you’ll end up with a unique room that he’ll love to be in.

Your colors may vary depending on the approach you choose. A general car approach can work with just about any color scheme. Blues, greens, reds, and so on will all work with this type of theme.

Set up a slot car race track and your son will be the envy of his friends for sure!

If your NASCAR fan has a favorite car, then you’ve got it easy color wise because you can pick the major colors in the car and the numerals. For a garage room, you’ve also got a lot of colors to choose from. Gunmetal grey or a grey-ish blue are two particularly good choices for walls that work well in a bedroom but still suggest a garage-ish kind of feel.

Try some metal furniture, particularly if you can find something with bright, almost chrome-like accents. There are also plenty of beds shaped like cars that would work terrific in this kind of room. Or give a plain bed a race car-like feel by placing two wheel-shaped pillows on either end and attaching a stick on number to the side.

Car Theme Bedroom Window Treatments

Car printed curtains are easy to find if you’re going the general car route. Actually, you should also be able to find NASCAR prints without much trouble. Unfortunately, if you’re going for a mechanic or garage look, you may have a slight problem finding window treatments that would work, but there are plenty of simple solutions that you can implement.

If you’re going for that type of design or if you’re just interested in a do it yourself approach, consider making curtains or a roller shade. Start with some plain fabric, a plain roller shade, or a plain curtain panel in a color that works well with your color scheme.

You’ll need some silver metallic ribbon to attach to the curtains. Attach the ribbon in two vertical stripes on either end so it looks like chains or racing stripes. This will look particularly good if you manage to get some bright metallic furniture. Or, if this idea doesn’t strike your fancy, start with a plain curtain and get some car iron on patches to attach in a line along the bottom.

You can find a variety of affordable car beds at

Car Themed Bedding

Car bedding is very simple to find, so if you’re just looking for a car print, you should be able to locate one at any local bedding store. But if you’re looking for something a little more customized, consider mixing and matching some bedding. For race car lovers, find a black and white check patterned sheet set and top it off with a comforter or blanket in the color of his favorite car.

For the boy who loves to tinker on cars, get something with metallic accents or attach iron on letters to a comforter to read “John’s Garage” (obviously, you’d want to customize the name). Pile on car shaped pillows, wheel shaped pillows, et cetera, to really make the bed a car lovers paradise. If you can’t find any that you like, attach or paint his favorite race car number onto a throw pillow and give that center stage.

If you really want to go all out, get your son a race car bed; they have a great selection over at All Childrens Furniture.

Car Bedroom Theme Accessories

Well, your first and most obvious accessory is plenty of cars. Model cars, plastic cars, even Matchbox cars can be displayed on shelves. For smaller cars like the Matchbox brand, consider shallow shelves or shoe organizers with clear plastic pockets to keep the mess in line while still allowing them to be visible.

Racetracks can be placed around furniture or on top of tables to allow them to act as a part of the décor without being a trip hazard. By allowing toys to double as decorations, you’ll save a lot of money and make sure that the room is fun to play in at the same time.

Once you’ve added plenty of cars into the mix, consider what you can do to make this room special. For a race car room, take a large paint roller and some black paint; make a wavy path around the circumference of the room; add a yellow dashed line, and you have an instant street! For a mechanics room, hang NASCAR hats and display a rack of play tools and overalls for pretend games.

String some nuts and bolts on a sturdy length of rope and drape them over a doorframe or use them to tie back a window. Hang a checkered flag or a yellow caution flag (or both) on the walls. Hang a photo of a favorite car and paint bright yellow flames coming out the end.

Really, the sky’s the limit if only you let loose and have a little fun. You can be assured that he’ll do the same in his very own unique car bedroom.

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