Designing a Boy’s Beach Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom for a teen or tween boy is difficult. They’re beyond bugs and dinosaurs, but adult bedrooms don’t exactly fit the bill for them either.

You want something that fits their personality without being either too grown up or childish. Why not redecorate your son’s room in a beach theme?

This theme can either be laid back or playful depending on his personality, and it’s a very easy theme to work with. Read on for some ideas on how to create a surfer’s oasis for the boy in your life.

Boys love surf and beach themes when it comes to bedroom decor!

Beach Bedroom Basics

When it comes to a beach bedroom for a young man, you can really go one of two ways. You can stick with a traditional surfing theme, or you can go with a more playful Tiki Room or Hawaiian vibe. The surfing room would be laid back and soothing without being girlish and might be a good choice for a quieter type of guy. The Tiki Room or Hawaiian approach integrates brighter colors and a little bit of silliness to suit a more outgoing sort of person.

When it comes to choosing colors for the room, you first need to know which approach you’re going to take. The surfing theme generally uses beach-inspired colors. Think of the blues and greens of the water on a sunny day, the brown tones found in driftwood, the tans and whites of sand, and the grey hues of the rocks. The Tiki Hut approach uses a much brighter palette.

Think of the colors found in playful Hawaiian shirts and brightly painted surfboards. You can use any color of the rainbow in a Tiki Hut inspired room, although bright oranges and yellows are particularly good choices. However, when it comes to using bright colors on the walls, make sure to use some restraint. Leave the trim white, or if the room is particularly small, you might want to limit your bright colors to an accent wall to avoid crowding the space.

There are a lot of different furniture types that work well in a beach themed bedroom, so you may not need to buy anything at all. A wood bedroom set would work particularly well with both beachy themes, but it’s not the only option. Metal sets work just fine too. If you’ve got to buy a new bed anyway, or if you’ve got a bed but no headboard, you can take a really creative approach to furnishings and hang a hand painted surfboard on the wall where the headboard would go. You can find decorative surfboards from a lot of different vendors on the Internet: Ebay is a good place to start.

Wall art will be the cheapest way to give your boys bedroom a beach or surfter theme.

Beach Window Treatments

As with just about all of the bedroom themes we’ve covered on Raftertales, you can always save yourself a little time and energy by purchasing some beach themed curtains, hanging them up, and calling it quits. You may be able to find them at your local store, and if not, there are plenty of online vendors that carry curtains printed with surfboards, woody station wagons, and hula girls, so it shouldn’t be too tough to find something that suits the room.

If you’d like to take a more creative approach, here are some ideas. For a traditional surfer’s room, hang shutters instead of curtains. You can distress them, whitewash them, or even decoupage them with surfing posters or pictures from surfing magazines.

And for a Tiki type theme, consider hanging some beaded curtains or strings of outdoor lights over the windows. Obviously, you’ll need a roller shade or some blinds for privacy and light control, but you’ll get a great design statement for your trouble.

Beach Bedding

Bedding in beach rooms is generally fairly low key. Yes, of course you can purchase sheet sets in surfing prints; most will be in paler colors that better suit the more traditional design. And with some hard work, you might be able to find some Hawaiian prints that would work well in a Tiki room, but many sheet sets of this kind are flowery prints that may look girlish.

Consider pairing a piece or two with stripes to keep it from being too feminine. And really, you don’t need to use either of these, particularly if you’re using a lot of accessories to decorate. In that case, you may want to stick with plain bedding or a simple pattern that allows the rest of the room to shine.

A bead curtain will go nicely in the door to a closet or adjoining room.

Beach Accessories

You’ve got a lot of options for accessories in a surfing themed room. As mentioned above, you can find hand painted surfboards from various online vendors, and if you don’t find one that suits your fancy you can even special order them. There are plain boards, boards with pegs, and even surfboard shaped shelving units. A surfing room just wouldn’t be a surfing room without a board or two! Other options for the surfing room would be models of woody station wagons, old tin beach signs or surfing signs, or even framed ocean photos.

The Tiki room needs a little more playful approach when it comes to accessorizing. Little hula girls and flower leis make good decorating choices. Hang strings of outdoor lights or rest a tiki lamp in the corner. Hang some Tiki masks on the wall. And as with the surfing theme, you can find tin Tiki signs that would look great.

Either way you go, you’ll have a room that your son will want to spend time in, and that’s what counts!

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