Designing a Boy’s Military Bedroom

If your son has a family member in the military or dreams of someday wearing a uniform, consider decorating his bedroom in a military theme. It makes for an attractive but still boyish bedroom that will show off his interests, and one of the best parts is that it works equally well for a young child, a tween, or a teen because it uses basic colors.

All you’ll need to do is switch out the toys for something a little more grown up as he gets older. If this sounds intriguing to you, read on for some ideas on how to make your mission to decorate your son’s military bedroom a successful one.

Military Bedroom Basics

You have a few choices in your approach to a military bedroom. If your son is interested in the military in general rather than a specific branch of military service, then you’ll probably want a general military approach.

However, if you have a loved one in the service, or if Billy is absolutely determined to become a Marine (or Navy Seal, or Air Force Pilot, or whatever), then you might consider concentrating on that branch of service in regards to designing your decorative scheme.

The approach you choose will strongly affect your color scheme. A general military theme that doesn’t focus on any one branch could be done in shades of green to simulate camouflage, or in a patriotic red, white, and blue theme. A U.S. Army bedroom would look great in the official Army colors: black and gold. The Air Force’s official colors are blue and silver; the Marine Corps’ official colors are scarlet and gold; the Navy’s are blue and white, and the Coast Guard is blue and orange. While you’re by no means limited to the official colors, it’s certainly a place to start.

Furniture of any type would look good in a military bedroom so long as it has simple lines without a lot of ornamentation. Metal or wood would both work for beds, nightstands, and desks.

Military Window Treatments

Depending on how authentic you want the room to be, you can actually try to replicate the standard military curtains, which are usually tan or green canvas. While you might not be able to find canvas, you could certainly find the right colors in a cotton curtain. Rather than hanging them with curtain hooks, try to find curtains with grommets set into the fabric so that they can just be threaded onto the rod for a more authentic look. They’d look particularly good in a bedroom done in a camouflage theme. You can also find camouflage print curtains if you prefer.

If you’re going for a different color scheme, then you’ve obviously got some other options. You can try buying curtains in the correct colors. Consider dressing them up by sewing on a plain strip of ribbon to the edges. For example, in an Air Force bedroom, you could buy a set of blue curtains and sew on a stripe of silver ribbon. You could also try roller shades, which could be stamped with the additional color in whatever shape or design you want.

Military Bedding

When it comes to bedding, it’s a lot easier to find military themed patterns than it is with window coverings. There are tons of camouflage patterns out there. You can also find blankets and throws with seals for each of the branches on them, or insignia for their sports teams. In our example Air Force bedroom, you could layer plain blue sheets with an Air Force Academy Falcons throw. (The Falcons are the mascot for the Academy sports teams—a great choice for a military buff who’s also a sports fan.)

And at the least, you can always take a low key approach and layer on bedding in the appropriate colors. For example, you could layer red and white striped bedding with a blue comforter and star printed throw pillows for a patriotic red, white, and blue approach.

Military Accessories

The accessories that you select will vary widely depending on the age of your child. Younger boys will of course appreciate military style toys. Put up some open shelving units that can be used to display them; just make sure to hang them low enough that junior can reach it without climbing on the furniture. Army trucks, little plastic army guys, airplanes, etc. will all look terrific in the room and will offer hours of entertainment to boot.

Obviously, older boys aren’t going to respond too well to a room full of toys, so you’ll have to look for some more mature accessories. When it comes to a military bedroom, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Posters with military insignias are easy to come by, as are iron-on patches. You can mount the patches on posterboard and hang them in a frame or shadowbox, or you can attach them to the pillows or curtains to spice up otherwise boring fabric.

Some boys may appreciate more complex model airplanes or ships that can be displayed on shelves or hung from the ceiling. Displaying medals also goes along well with the military theme. And last but certainly not least, what military room would be complete without a flag hanging somewhere inside? Flags are really only appropriate for older boys who will treat them appropriately; if you plan to hang one, please check out the appropriate way to treat our nation’s flag.

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