Designing a Boy’s Dinosaur Bedroom

A custom wall mural is a great way to establish a dinosaur theme!

If you’re looking for a bedroom theme for a younger boy who just isn’t into cartoon characters just yet, think about doing his room in a dinosaur theme.

Dinosaurs are pretty much universally loved among younger boys, and they offer a lot of opportunities for creativity to make the room special just for him.

Another added advantage of doing a room in a dinosaur theme is that it offers him a chance to learn more about these interesting creatures.

Read on for some ideas on how to make a dinosaur room that will make your little guy jump with excitement and give him a place to let his imagination run wild!

Dinosaur Themed Bedroom Basics

When it comes to designing a dinosaur bedroom, most people just add a bunch of dinosaurs to the room and call it quits.

While this is certainly an option, you can do a lot more with this theme that will really personalize the room and make the most out of his learning opportunities.

So take a few moments to consider exactly what kind of room you’d like to do. You could mimic an entire jungle habitat complete with dinosaurs. Alternately, you could do a desert habitat. Let your child help to research which dinosaurs would be in each climate and try to decorate accordingly. Or, if he’s crazy about one particular type of dinosaur, like the ever popular Tyrannosaurus Rex, concentrate on that creature in particular.

Look for wall stickers or felt dinosaurs like these if you prefer not to paint a mural on your dinosaur bedroom wall.

Carefully select your colors based on the type of theme that you’ve selected. Jungle rooms should be done in greens and browns. Desert rooms generally look best in tans and browns. You can stamp leaves on the wall for jungle rooms, or use rocks in desert rooms.

By taking the time to create an attractive backdrop, you’ll really showcase the rest of the room. You could even intensify the outdoorsy feeling by painting the ceiling sky blue if you’ve got the time and knowhow.

Or, if you’ve selected a single dinosaur species to focus on, make the most of the walls by stamping dinosaur footprints around the room.

Ideally, you’ll want furniture made from natural materials. Wood is probably your best choice. Go for something rugged that will work well with the rest of the room and has the added advantage of being nice and durable. With luck, you won’t have to replace it as he grows older.

Dinosaur Themed Bedroom Window Treatments


It is cheap and easy to sew using a dinosaur-patterned fabric for your dino themed bedroom.

As with most other themes, your first and easiest option is to purchase curtains in your theme. Dinosaur printed curtains are easily available at many stores, and you can definitely get them online if you’re not successful in your neighborhood. You should be able to find curtains printed with a variety of dinosaur species; dinosaur prints were another option that we found very easily by searching online.

You can also customize your window treatments. Consider tying your windows in with the rest of the room, especially if you’ve selected a particular dinosaur habitat.

For a jungle room, try a bamboo stick blind or something accented with imitation palm fronds or other large leafed plants. Bamboo blinds and other natural materials like wood would go well in a desert dinosaur room. These choices also help to tie the colors in the room together more thoroughly and have an added advantage in that they can often be used in other bedroom designs.

Dinosaur Themed Bedding

With dinosaur bedding, you’ve got a lot of the same choices that you do with window treatments. You should be able to find sheet sets printed with dinosaurs or dinosaur prints pretty easily. If you’re looking for something a little more creative, or something that ties into your color scheme a little better, consider some of these options: Get plain sheets and a comforter or blanket in your colors of choice. For example, in the jungle room, you might try brown sheets with a green comforter. Then, get some dinosaur shaped iron ons.

You can find many dinosaur-patterned bedding sets that are inexpensive as well as accessories such as the dinosaur lamp in this lucky boys bedroom!

Depending on the type and size of the iron ons, you could apply them randomly to the comforter, place one big one in the center, make a line of them walking across the top, and so on. You could also leave the comforter plain and attach them to a pillowcase. Dinosaur shaped pillows can also be purchased to match with an otherwise plain looking bed.

Dinosaur Bedroom Accessories

Obviously, you’re going to want lots of dinosaurs in the room, but what kind? Since these things add up fast, one simple way to really up the dino presence in the room is to put up some shelves and display plastic dinosaur toys. These can be removed from the shelves for play and then put back to serve as decorations when not in use. You can also do this with stuffed dinosaurs although that will obviously be a lot more expensive.

A dinosaur display shelf is the perfect way to let your son show off his collection!

But what else can you do to make this dinosaur room a little more interesting than all the others? Adding a personal touch can really make a difference when it comes to any type of bedroom, and that includes dinosaur rooms. Yes, dinosaur posters are cool. But you could hang a small chalkboard in that same space (or paint a small wall with magnetic chalkboard paint) and use dinosaur magnets instead. Not only does this serve as a great decorative statement, but it’s also a way for him to have a little fun.

Consider buying a kit to make a plaster cast of a “real” dinosaur print. He’ll be really proud to have show off something that he made himself. Or make a mini caveman dress up set, with fake fur scarves and foam clubs so that your little guy can go hunting for dinosaurs with his friends. Make multiple costumes so everyone can play, and display them from pegs in a corner of the room. Just make sure that he watches out for that Tyrannosaurus Rex!

By taking a little time to make some of those decorations, you’ll not only save money but you’ll also create some great memories and a room he can be proud of.

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