Top Three House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning isn’t a favorite activity, but these three tips will help keep your home clean and comfortable.

The Oven

No one likes cleaning the oven, it’s one of the most dreaded cleaning jobs in the house but it’s one that still has to be done. If you run a busy household and have a large family to look after there’s a good chance that over is being used every day. It’s important not only for the taste of your meals but also from a health and safety perspective that your oven is kept as clean as possible.

Start by cleaning as much as you can with some warm soapy water then once it’s dry sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over the baking trays and the bottom of the over, if the walls are still damp the powder will stick to the sides too. Spray a light coating of water over the powder and leave it to fizz and soak for an hour or two before wiping clean.

Most modern electric ovens have ceramic hobs which have to be cleaned with specialists ceramic hob cleaning solutions. They’re not usually very expensive and they’ve leave the top of your hobs gleaming like new without damaging the surface.

The oven door should be cleaned last; you don’t want to clean to door first only to get it filthy when you clean the inside. Getting the grease off a glass can be tricky and it will require a lot of elbow grease but you need to be careful not to scratch or mark the glass. Make sure the oven isn’t hot, but if the door is warm you’ll find the grease is much easier to remove. There are plenty of cleaning chemicals on the market that claim to leave you with a sparkling oven but if you’re looking to save some cash good old baking soda mixed with some vinegar will leave that door looking good as new.

The Bathroom

For a room that spends more time soaked in water than any other room in the house it’s surprising how easily it ends up looking a state. Lime scale, soap scum marks and dull taps can be a headache to get rid of but it’s no impossible. Vinegar is great in fighting lime scale, whether you’ve got a crusty shower head or those taps are looking dull try mixing one part vinegar to five parts water to remove that lime scale and get everything gleaming again. If you’re struggling to get rid of any mildew build up mix one part bleach to five parts water and spray onto the offending area. Whenever you’re using bleach make sure you start with a small area to ensure the bleach doesn’t do any damage.

Mirrors in the bathroom will gather watermarks very easily, make sure they’re cleaning on a regular basis to make the main bathroom clean a little easier. To stop streaky marks clean your mirrors with newspaper and stand back to see the light bouncing off to reveal any marks left behind. A mix of one part vinegar to five parts water is going to work here too, on any glass surface this solutions will always leave you with great results.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is usually going to be your private sanctuary it’s where you go to escape and get some peace and quiet. The chances are your kids feel the same about their bedroom too so you need to make sure the bedrooms in your house are as clean as possible. If you or anyone in your household suffers from asthma or allergies it’s even more important you keep these rooms as dust free as possible.

Bedding needs to be ideally washed on a weekly basis, obviously if you have a house to run and kids to look after on top of a day job you might not have the time to change three or more beds every week but studies show you get a better night sleep on clean sheets. If you can, flip the mattress every few months to stop your body creating a dent where you usually sleep. When your bed is stripped run the vacuum over it to get out as much as dust as possible before you make it up.

When dusting your bedroom make sure you start from the top and work your way down so you’re not brushing dust onto dusted surfaces. Get as much clutter tidied away as possible, you don’t want clothes out in the open when you’ve got dust flying everywhere.

If you have candles in your room the chances are you’re going to have candle wax on surfaces or stuck in the carpet. Place a piece of grease proof paper over the wax and very lightly run over it with an iron to remove it. If you are going to chip away at is always use a knife that has been left in boiling water for a few minutes.

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