Teen Bedding

A teen’s bedroom says a lot about who he or she is.

While parents might want to keep a rein on the crazy color schemes since they’ll be the ones repainting after they’ve gone off to college, it’s important to let your teens or tweens express their personalities and create a room they want to call their own.

Bedding is an important design element for a teen’s room.

Follow these suggestions on bedding for your teen’s bedroom.

Style Considerations

As a parent, you’ll probably have a lot less input into your teen’s bedroom than you did at younger ages, but there are still some style-related issues that you’ll need to consider.

Try to select teen bedding that is easy to wash, particularly if your teen is just learning how to do his own laundry. A wrinkle-free fabric might also be a good idea if she’s the type who will leave the sheets piled up in the corner for a week or two before changing them.

Generally, it is easier to find teen bedding sets than separate pieces. Most sets are available in twin and full sizes, although some also come in queen size as well. Most will include a comforter or duvet; many teen bedding sets also come with add-ons like bed skirts and throw pillows.

Teens’ Room Bedding Themes

There are many bedding sets out there targeted specifically at teens. Some lines such as Seventeen and Glam Girl provide bedding choices specifically for teen girls. Lines for teen boys include X Games, NBA, and NFL bedding.

Although it may be a few years until your teen goes off to college, check the dorm sets available every year at major stores. They offer some very cost-effective and up-to-the-moment trendy teen bed sheet options.

Generally, teen-friendly bedding themes are less print-heavy and more adult-looking than kids bedding. Prints are more subtle and often geometric in nature or limited to logos.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, especially when it comes to teens. The goal is to create a bedding look that expresses their individuality.

Some popular teen bedding themes for girls include:


  • Bright colors – Think 60’s inspired bright colors like lime green, hot pink, and electric orange. Layer them together for a funky look.
  • Punk accents – Some punk-inspired looks include black and white sheets printed with cherries or dark purple and electric green prints. Fur-trimmed pillows work well with this style.
  • Cutting-edge geometrics – Look for zebra prints in neon colors, brightly-colored polka dots, or pink lipstick prints.

Some popular teen bedding themes for boys include:

  • Surfing – Look for ocean-inspired colors or retro surfing prints reminiscent of a Hawaiian shirt.
  • Sports – While younger boys might like prints featuring footballs and basketballs, try something a little more sophisticated for a teen. Many of the major sports, including X Games, NBA, NFL, and Nascar have their own bedding lines.
  • Military – Try a camouflage print comforter with dark brown or green sheets, or go for a red, white, and blue theme.

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