Sexy and Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas

How to Make Your Bedroom Sexier

Does your boudoir lack romance? Perhaps its time for a new look.

Do you feel like your bedroom is not sexy enough or lacking romance? Are there clothes heaped on the bed and plain white walls in your bedroom?

Or, have you simply grown bored with the way your bedroom is decorated? Do you find yourself avoiding your bedroom except when asleep?

We’ve put together some tips on how to make your bedroom more romantic, sexy and stylish.

Read on to learn how you can spice things up a little, whether you’re single and just want to be prepared or if you and your partner both seem to agree the bedroom needs a little more romance!

Why Some Bedrooms Just Don’t Feel Sexy

Clutter in the bedroom is a sure way to make your love life less inspired. Get rid of the clutter and make your bedroom as open and inviting as possible. This will surely add spice to your love life.

If you have more traditional tastes, a bedroom with warm tones can make a romantic setting.

White or neutral walls can make your bedroom feel less than intimate, unless you carefully infuse color with art, bedding, window fashions or other accessories. There may be no more important aspect to setting a romantic mood in the bedroom than the effective use of color.

If you haven’t updated your bedroom in a while, you could simply be bored with the same old look …. and boredom is a sure way to spoil any romance. So,  if might just be time to consider making a few changes to recharge your bedroom design … and your love life!

How to Add Romance to Your Bedroom Design

Adding color is one of the best ways to give your bedroom a romantic feeling ... just dont overdo it!

The first thing to do when redesigning the bedroom is to talk to your partner and be sure you both agree on the theme, color scheme and overall direction to take. If one partner loves the idea of wine red walls and the other hates it, you’re sure to have trouble.

Choosing a theme is the next thing you will want to do. Perhaps you want a boudoir theme. Maybe classic Victorian, country or modern chic; most any theme can be made to feel romantic with a little creativity and planning. Look in magazines and catalogs for inspiration on sexy and romantic bedroom themes.

Also critical is the color scheme you choose; color greatly affects how we feel, so for a romantic and sexy bedroom, some colors are more conducive to romance than others. And while you may be tempted to try something daring like red walls, you don’t want to overdo it. Instead, you could pick a color like goldenrod for the walls and enhance that with bedding that brings a bolder shade of red into the color scheme.

Cool tones give the bedroom a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Selecting Romantic Bedroom Colors

If you really want to make your bedroom feel romantic and sexy, then try using one of these color palettes:

Neutral Tones – Earthy colors and neutral tones like beiges and tans are the trend in bedroom colors these days and lend themselves easily to almost accent colors.

Warm Tones – Nothing says sex like the warmer colors; reds, yellows and oranges add spice to a bedroom decor. If the brighter shades are too much for your taste, try using pastel warm tones.

Cool Tones – Relaxation is an important part of bedroom romance and cool tones like blues, greens and light shades of purple help set a relaxing mood in the bedroom.

Read our Bedroom Colors article for more ideas on bedroom color schemes.

Try Some New Art on the Walls

Art in the bedroom is always a matter of personal taste. Choose artwork you and your partner both feel comfortable with.

Art and bedroom accessories present opportunities to create an erotic setting in the bedroom; landscapes, portraits, portrayals of beautiful bodies or nature can help stimulate the subconscious toward intimacy and arousal.

Avoid anything violent or overtly emotionally provocative when it comes to artwork in the bedroom; sensual images are usually best and you don’t want to spend time contemplating the merits of art when romance is the intention.

Design a Unique Window Treatment

Window fashions have evolved significantly; don’t settle for plain old mini blinds or dated draperies in the bedroom. Try getting creative and use window coverings to add romance to your bedroom design.

You can dress your windows for romance and privacy by starting with window blinds or shades for basic privacy, and then layering on draperies, curtains, valances or cornices and unique hardware to give your window treatment a romantic look that matches your bedroom theme.

Make your bed something special; in most cases the bed will be your main focal point.

Get a New Bedroom Set

Treat yourself to something imaginative and out of the ordinary; the bed is quite important in setting a romantic feeling.

You might like something traditional like a four poster with sheer fabric canopy. Or you could try something more exotic like a bamboo screen for the headboard.

Whatever style tickles your fancy and inspires your imagination will make it feel sexier for you and your partner!

Bedding is also a great way to make your bedroom sexier; whether you like silk sheets, animal skin prints or floral patterns, there is no limit to imaginative bedding choices. And bedding also provides an easy means of changing things up so you won’t get bored with your bedroom decor.

Set a Romantic Mood with Bedroom Lighting and Sexy Scents

Unique. dramatic lighting can add a romantic touch to any bedroom decor.

Lighting also plays a huge part in setting a romantic mood. Change lampshades to give color and light patterns, add track or recessed lighting with dimmers or put candle sconces on the wall.

Scented candles, luminaries and lamps are also great ways to give your bedroom a little more romantic mood. Scent, of course, plays a large part in the art of romance, so be sure to keep massage oils handy.

Following these tips will help make your bedroom sexier and more intimate. You and your partner will find that having a romantic bedroom can make all the difference in your love life and happiness together! You may even find yourself staying home for romantic weekend getaways!

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