Master Bedroom Decorating on a Budget

Adequate light is important to making your master bedroom comfortable and cozy. Soft Roman shades and neutral bed spread give this room a light and airy feeling.

Our bedroom is our own little sanctuary, but many of us tend to neglect it because it is away from the public eye.

In fact, our bedroom is probably the only personal space we get in the home and therefore, should be a perfect haven.

Instead, it is often cluttered and under-used because, after all, we are usually the only ones to see it. But why not treat yourself and create a beautiful boudoir, as oppose to having a storage room with a bed.

It’s not as expensive to do as it sounds; all it takes is a little creativity, a lick of paint and a few accessories, so here are some tips to help!

The Master Bedroom is Your Haven, Not Your Storage Room!

It’s time to de-clutter. If you want a lovely boudoir then it needs to be organized. We often store all of the things we want to keep, but don’t use, in our bedrooms. This is probably because it is the only place, besides the loft/attic, that is hidden from the public eye and it is a lot easier to put it in the bedroom than to put it in the loft.

So take some storage boxes and start to work through all of the clutter. Anything you don’t need, throw away and anything you do need but don’t use often, put into labeled storage boxes. These can then be stored in storage cupboards or in the loft/attic. Yes, this does mean climbing all the way up those steps but it looks better than having random clutter scattered around. Once you are de-cluttered you can begin to work magic and start to decorate.

A wrought iron bed and soft, feminine colors give this master bedroom retreat a calm and serene feel.

Decorating Does Not Mean Renovating the Entire Room

To many of us decorating means a lot of hard work and money. In actual fact, you can change the whole aspect of a room with a bit of paint. Paint is good for any room that needs a little face lift.

You don’t even have to paint every wall in the room you can just touch up on the wall in need of the most attention, usually the wall behind the bed. But whether the whole room needs re-painting or just one wall, it is still easy and cheap to do and will give the room a new feeling.

You could also consider adding borders, or stenciling designs onto the walls. This is only a minor task and is cheap and easy to undergo and it will give life to any dull, lifeless room.

Let Your Creativity Shine

To add even more life to your upcoming boudoir, have a rummage for some old material or buy some inexpensive tablecloths and make use for them in other ways. Choose colors that match with the color scheme/ theme of the room and you can create all sorts of little additions for your room, rather than paying for something someone else has made.

You can change the style of a chest of drawers by simply covering the top with some material or a table cloth or you can cover a canvas board with material and make a new themed picture to put over your bed.

Warm tones and more neutral wall colors are desirable in many master bedrooms.

If you are any good at needlecraft, you could also make your own pillows or create a runner for the bottom of the bed. There are so many creative ways of using material to make your own accessories or additions; you just have to think about it.

A Little Light with Big Impact

The best way to change the look and feel of a room is to buy a lamp. They aren’t expensive to buy and are available at many stores, including your local Wal-Mart. They are only a little adjustment but they make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. They come in many styles and colors so you will easily be able to find the right one to compliment the décor in the room.

Flowery Fragrance

Treat yourself and your room to the gift of flowers once a week. By placing them in a vase somewhere in the room, they not only look nice but also give off a lovely fragrance that gives the room atmosphere and freshness.

A Cozy Corner For A Little ‘Me’ Time

A room is not complete without a little cozy corner; a nice area to read a book or simply escape from the stresses of modern life. Just place a nicely defined chair in one corner of the room (you can also use large cushions or beanbags) and add a little table with a table lamp for a perfect little cozy corner that’s great for escaping from the rest of the world.

Clean, smooth and natural, wood floors can be too hard in the bedroom. Soften things with an area rug if you have wood or wood laminate flooring.

Top Seven Master Bedroom Decorating Cost Savers

Here are the top seven cost savers for the perfect boudoir (summarized):

  1. Use paint! It is great for everything and comes in many colors. Your bedroom is your own personal space so be sure to let your personality shine through. If you want the room to be bright pink with blue spots on then go for it! It is not for anyone else to judge just for you to enjoy so make it personal to you. For more info on choosing colors see our story on Bedroom Colors.
  2. Lighting is essential but to save money purchase a lamp(s) and/or candles. They create a perfect and peaceful setting that is inviting and warm, perfect for a boudoir! They can also add extra light for those of us who prefer bright rooms.
  3. Purchase an area rug. Not only do they add depth and warmth to a room, they also deflect noise, ideal for a master bedroom as it should be peaceful and quiet. Also good for those with wood flooring as it helps soften and quiet the master bedroom.
  4. Use fabric! As mentioned above, fabric has many uses. Shop at online auctions or look for sales to purchase fabric that can be used throughout the room. It is also good to dress a window as it can be draped over a rod easily giving an elegant and fresh new look.
  5. Search through yard sales, store sales and online auctions for picture frames then frame photographs and place them around the room where you can see them. They will be comforting and will add personality to the room.
  6. Buy fresh bedding. As the bed is usually the focal point of a room, by changing the duvet cover you can give the room a whole new look in whatever style or color you desire.
  7. Use pillow shams (highly decorative pillow coverings) to add comfort to the room and the bed. They are both highly affordable and highly decorative. Ideal for those who aim for an inviting, warm room.
  8. By following these tips you are sure to be able to create a plush, new, inviting boudoir that is both personal and beneficial to you and your pocket!

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