Kids Bedding

Every kid is different, and it’s important that their room reflects their personal tastes.

Kids bedding is one easy, cost-effective way to let your children express their personalities as preschoolers, grade school children, and eventually as teens.

Unfortunately, their preferences change from one age to the next, so how do you select bedding that will grow with them so that you don’t need to buy a new set every year?

Consider the following tips to help you select bedding that your child will enjoy without breaking your bank.

Specific style suggestions for boys, girls, babies, and teens are also available.

Style Considerations

When it comes to the style of your kids bedding, think about their personality and behaviors. It probably doesn’t make sense to buy expensive coordinating bedding for a rambunctious boy who won’t stop jumping on the bed. Better to stick with easy-to-wash, wrinkle-free fabrics. And if you’re outfitting a room for a tomboy, a casual mix-and-match bedding approach might suit her personality better than a frilly canopy bed with matching bedding.

Also consider exactly what types of bedding you should use. If your child is storing toys under the bed, avoid using a bed skirt that could be torn or pulled out of place. Delicate quilts might be a great choice for older kids, but that rambunctious bed-jumper probably would damage them. He would probably do better with a sturdier fleece blanket.

Bedding Themes

When selecting a bedding theme, let your child help. Consider his or her interests and try to integrate them into the room. Of course, this can be difficult when those interests seem to change on a daily basis, so the best option is to make the larger design elements as neutral as possible.

When it comes to bedding for kids, this means that it may be best to select a comforter in a solid color, and then introduce the theme with patterned sheets and pillow cases. That way, when junior suddenly decides that Transformers are too juvenile and he now wants some sports-themed bedding, it will be a more cost-effective transformation between the two since you could keep the comforter and would only need to buy new sheets.

If cost is an issue, select themes for your kids bedding that are more likely to grow with them. Dora the Explorer bedding for a little girl would be cute, but there’s no way that a tween would be caught dead with it.

Try looking for themes which could appeal to all ages, like sports kids bedding for boys or tropical bedding for girls. There are no guarantees when it comes to teens and tweens, but at least there’s a chance that they’ll stick with it as they grow.

Once you’ve selected a style and theme, be realistic about how long your child will be likely to be interested in it. If it’s the kind of theme that isn’t likely to last, it may make more sense to skip the more expensive Pottery Barn kids bedding and go for a cheaper version.

But if it’s something that your child is likely to be interested in for a few years, choose a more expensive, higher quality bedding set that will wear well over years of use.

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