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A girls bedroom design should reflect her personality, and bedding is an integral part of the design. Depending on your daughter’s interests, she may choose bedding in trendy fashions and vibrant colors, or her tastes may run to subdued pastels.

The good news is that girls bedding has evolved past the days of scratchy polyester bedspreads. Now there are girls’ bedding options in a variety of styles to express her personality.

Style Considerations

When choosing bedding for your little girl, it’s important to consider the bed first. Most girls bedding comes in twin sizes; if you’re working with a double-sized bed or larger, you may need to work harder to find the designs you want.

You may also further need to limit your selection to girls twin bedding designs with coordinating bed skirts (for girls who clean by shoving everything under the bed) or matching canopies. Thinking about these issues in advance can save you a lot of time and effort.

Decide whether you want to buy a girls bedding set or try the mix-and-match approach. Some girls bedding sets will come with only the sheets and pillow cases; others will include comforters and sometimes bed skirts or coordinating window treatments. Make sure that you know what’s included in the set if you decide to go that route.

Choose a fabric that will hold up well over repeated washings, and consider buying more than one set if you find a pattern that she’s in love with.

Bedding Themes

When it comes to choosing a theme for your girls bedroom, start by looking at her interests. Sometimes it seems like kids’ interests change twice a week, but there should be some consistent patterns if you look hard enough. Look through books and browse her movie collection for themes that suggest lasting interests that would make a good theme.

The best news about bedding is that a set of girls twin bedding is relatively inexpensive provided that you coordinate it with a neutral comforter or inexpensive blanket, so if she’s determined to have Disney princess bedding, then you can replace the bedding relatively inexpensively when she gets older. Still, as much as possible, it’s a good idea to select bedding that your child will still be interested in next year.

Some bedding themes that are suitable for girls include:

  • Fantasy realm – Look for girls bedding printed with fairies, princesses, or angels. Consider a coordinating canopy, wall hanging, or fantastic mural to compliment the bedding.
  • Flower power – Bright colors and retro prints are very popular; why not choose bedding with a bright 60s flower print? Or layer plain sheets in bright oranges, greens, and pinks, and coordinate with flower-shaped wall stickers.
  • Butterflies – Butterfly prints are available in pastels and brights to suit any little girl’s personality. Hang butterflies around the room to coordinate; inexpensive versions can be found in most garden stores.
  • Toile – Toile bedding works well for both younger and older girls. For the younger child, decorate the room with tea party accessories. As she grows, remove the fanciful touches for a more grown-up look.

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