Fun Teen Furniture Ideas

Since your teen will soon grow into new phases and tire of whatever decor you and they select, it’s a good idea to try and recycle furnishings or find used stuff at garage sales and then refinish or otherwise redecorate items for your teenager’s bedroom.

You can take that old chest of drawers, desk or wood pedestal side table or old nursery-white nightstand and give it a new look with a faux finish or by painting it black, lime green or whatever color your teenager has selected to go with their funky teen room decor.

Making a teenager’s room an expression of their personality and interests doesn’t have to be a large budget project if you follow a few simple tips on how to make their room fun and interesting without spending a fortune.

Teen Bedroom Furniture

Beds, Futons and Bedding

Futons can be a great, affordable bed choice for your teen’s room. Even if you just store a simple folding futon under the main bed for sleepovers, it will make a great addition.

Another way to give your teenager’s bed a new and cool look is to create a custom headboard. If they are into sports, perhaps a headboard made from plywood and painted to look like a basketball backboard, soccer goal or snowboard scene.

If your teenage daughter likes animal prints, you can easily cover a headboard with an inexpensive fabric in her favorite zebra stripe, cheetah or leopard pattern.

Of course, adding a comforter or bedspread and bed linens, pillows and blanket that match the bedroom’s theme, will complete her bed and since these are all items that must be replaced periodically anyway, you won’t have to worry about giving them away to the Goodwill next year or the year after when she decides that animal prints are out and shabby chic is suddenly in!

Comfy Chair Ideas

Chairs are another furniture element to consider for your teen’s bedroom. The more comfortable seating that is available, the more teenagers and their friends will want to spend relaxing and hanging out in the bedroom.

Bean bags like we all had as kids in the 70s are in again and these are cheap, comfortable and can be stored easily when not in use.

Take an old armchair or recliner and refinish it; if you are handy with a glue gun and staple gun, this is a project you can easily tackle yourself without spending a fortune.

Teen Bedroom Decor

Desks, Dressers and Nightstands

A desk is a very important piece of furniture for your teenager’s bedroom, since you want them to be comfortable when studying and doing homework. Be sure it has plenty of drawers to store school supplies and add a comfortable chair and work lamp.

Add a simple bookcase that matches the desk for books and display items like trophies, doll collections and other personal items your teen will want to proudly show off in his bedroom.

You can easily recycle old dressers and nightstands by refinishing them with faux paint, stenciling patterns that pull your design elements together cohesively.

Here’s a great and inexpensive tip; take any old table lamp and get a new shade for it. In my teenage boy’s room, we had splurged on a new Lazy Boy reclining chair and matching area rug with black background and cool jazz-inspired pattern. The theme really expresses his interests in music and his talents as a jazz musician.

So, we simply bought a swath of the same fabric as the chair and used our glue gun and staples to decorate the lampshade with the same fabric. Or, use a sheer fabric with funky pattern to throw interesting patterns of light on the walls and ceilings.

Window Treatments

Start with a good cellulose, aluminum, wooden or other type of window blind as your base; this piece can always be reused if you decide to change draperies or other more decorative components of your teen’s bedroom window treatment.

Use the same fabrics selected for the bedding to create decorative curtains, a valance or cornice to complete your window treatment. Then, later if your teenager’s tastes change, you can easily switch out these fabric coverings as needed.

Closet Organizers

Go to Target or your favorite home improvement store to find great deals on closet organizers. Shelving, plastic or wire frame baskets make an excellent way to keep clothing, toys and other items well organized in your teenager’s closet and help prevent the clutter and chaos of clothing that can quickly overtake any teen’s bedroom.

Area Rugs and Accent Pieces

You can complete your teen room furnishings by adding a nice area rug that matches bedding, window treatments and wall paint colors. These are also easily changed out or moved to another room in the house in the case that your teen later decides to change decors.

As with any room decor, adding accent pieces is the best way to finish your teen room design. Let them decide what accent pieces they want. It is usually easy to use their own personal items as accent pieces since this is a great way for them to make the bedroom their own and express who they want to be as a young adult.

Selecting and refinishing furniture for a teen’s bedroom can be a fun project that helps parents and teenagers bond and gives kids an opportunity to make their bedroom a space that they love and want to spend time in alone or with friends.

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