Crib Bedding

There’s a lot of gear out there for babies these days, but crib bedding is a nursery piece you obviously can’t pass up.

The good news is that there are an endless number of styles available to suit any nursery.

Whether your tastes run towards bargain or luxury styles, classic or modern, the bedding you choose will be an integral part of your baby’s nursery.

Follow these tips to select the perfect baby crib bedding.

Safety Issues Related to Crib Bedding

Some research suggests that improper crib bedding can cause SIDS, so it’s absolutely important to make sure that you choose bedding that will be safe for your baby.

It may be tempting to buy the cute comforters and coordinating stuffed animals that you see in the stores, but these are unsafe for newborns and should not be used until the baby can lift his head and roll over on his own.

Make sure that the bedding fits snugly on the crib. Most baby crib bedding comes in standard sizes and should fit your mattress, but double check to make sure. Loose bedding can come off and harm your baby.

Style Choices

The first step in choosing crib bedding is to decide if you’d like to buy each piece separately or purchase everything in a crib bedding set. Crib bedding sets can be more convenient, but they may include pieces that you don’t want or need.

Also, if you plan to have a baby shower and register for gifts, you may want to select separates to insure that your guests can afford to buy them! Of course, if you select separates, make sure that all of the pieces that you want are available in your desired pattern.

Whatever fabric you choose, look for two key factors: washability and softness. Steer away from fancy fabrics that won’t hold up after repeated washing, because you’ll definitely be washing them often.

And make sure to avoid scratchy fabrics that will irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. If extremely sensitive skin runs in your family, consider buying organic crib bedding.

Girl Crib Bedding Ideas

Most girl crib bedding comes in shades of pink but consider other options too. All white bedding sets are very cute; however, stains can be a problem. Lavender or pale yellow are some other good color choices if you don’t like pink. Or stick with pink but avoid the pastels and choose a brighter hue.

Some bedding themes that are suitable for girls include:

  • Princess or fairy – Princess and fairy patterns are incredibly big for girls and probably always will be. Consider whether you want to go for a fairy tale look with lots of pastels or a brightly-colored Disney princess vibe.
  • Paris – For the well-traveled tyke, consider pretty pink Parisian décor. Pink-striped bedding would be a good choice for this room, accented with stuffed poodles and pictures of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Flower garden – Look for crib sheets in flower-prints or striped pastels. Consider flower stencils on the walls.

Boy Crib Bedding Ideas

When it comes to boy crib bedding, most parents look for shades of blue and green. Also consider rooms in tans or browns for something a little different. Yellow is also neutral enough, and it makes for a terrific accent color with any of the above colors.

Some bedding themes that are suitable for boys include:

  • Military base – Choose bedding with red, white, and blue designs or camouflage. Decorate with GI Joes and toy helicopters.
  • Nautical theme – The nautical theme is another red, white, and blue bedding choice. Look for ship or flag prints for the bedding, and decorate with toy boats.
  • Sports – If daddy is a sports nut, it’s not too early to get baby interested. Choose bedding in the colors of daddy’s favorite team, or go for a more general theme and look for prints with basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs.

Crib Bedding Ideas for Mystery Babies

Some parents prefer not to find out the gender of their baby until the birth, but that can make outfitting the nursery a little more difficult. Generally, these nurseries are done in gender-neutral colors like yellow and green to make them suitable for both boys and girls.

Another possibility is to paint the nursery in neutral colors and purchase two bedding sets: one in a theme suitable for a boy and the other suitable for a girl. Leave them in the package until the day arrives, and while mom and baby are still in the hospital, dad or a helpful family member can open the correct package and return the other.

Some bedding themes that are suitable for mystery babies include:

  • Anything nature related – Look for patterns with stars and moons, trees, or the four seasons. Consider a wall mural with a nature scene to coordinate with the bedding.
  • The ocean – Think fish patterns, waves, and lobsters. Use netting to hold toys (but keep it up high so that baby doesn’t get entangled).
  • Noah’s ark – Choose bedding with animal and/or boat patterns. Some bedding specifically comes in Noah’s ark patterns.

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