Boys Bedding

A boys bedroom should reflect his interests and personality.

Bedding is a simple and cost-effective way to personalize your son’s room.

Fortunately, boys bedding has evolved past the days of scratchy polyester bedspreads.

Now there are a variety of styles available to fully express his personality.

Depending on his interests, he may select themed bedding in sports or military patterns, or he may take a more traditional approach with flannel plaids or stripes.

Follow these tips in selecting boys bedding:

Style Considerations

When choosing boys bedding, consider the style of bed that he’s using. Most boys bedding is designed for twin beds, so if you’re working with a larger size, you might need to work harder to find designs he likes. If you’d like coordinating draperies or other accessories, limit your search accordingly.

Decide whether you prefer a boys bedding set or would like to try the mix-and-match approach. Some boys bedding sets come with the sheets and pillow cases; others include blankets or comforters and sometimes throw pillows. Make sure that you know what’s included in a set before you buy it.

Consider buying more than one set if you find the perfect pattern, and make sure to choose a fabric that will hold up over repeated washings.

Boys’ Room Bedding Themes

When it comes to selecting a theme for a boys bedroom, take a look at his interests. Sometimes it might seem like they change twice a week, but he should have some long lasting interests that he won’t be sick of within the month. Browse his bookshelf and movie collection for themes that would make good themes.

The good news is that a set of boys twin bedding is relatively inexpensive, particularly if you select a neutral comforter or inexpensive blanket that can be easily replaced. So if he’s absolutely determined to have Cars bedding, you can replace it relatively inexpensively when the Cars craze passes.

It’s always a good idea to try to select bedding that he’ll still be interested in next year. Sports and Disney characters are popular choices for boys bedrooms, but you have plenty of other options.

Some other bedding themes that boys will love include:

  • Safari or rain forest – Look for animal-print bedding and take your design cues from the colors in the pattern. Dark greens and blue suggest a rain forest, while tans and ivories would suggest a desert safari. Decorate the room with stuffed animals and animal pictures.
  • Cowboys – Look for prints featuring horses, lassos, and sheriff’s stars; bandana prints; or layered solids in red, blue, and brown. Use decorations embellished with rope and bandana prints throughout the room.
  • Pirates – The pirate theme is particularly popular right now; you can buy pirate prints and accessories or create your own swashbuckling theme. Look for bedding printed with ships or the Jolly Roger skull and bones motif. Have your child design his own pirate flag to display on the wall.
  • Emergency! – Most boys love superheroes, why not let real-life heroes inspire his room décor? Look for bedding in fireman or policeman prints. Hang fire and police costumes on the wall for decoration; just make sure to hang them low enough for playtime.

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