Antique Bedroom Furniture

Warm and inviting antique look is soft but not overly feminine.

Bedrooms look more elegant by adding antique bedroom furniture. This kind of furniture is usually in bold colors and intricate designs that boost the room’s confidence as a haven for the rich and famous.

Putting more focus on the furnishings and colors, antique bedroom furniture cares more about the room’s overall aesthetic value, rather than its functionality.

When you say ‘antique’, it generally pertains to furniture pieces that are over 100 years old. But at present, even vintage 20th century furnishings may now be called antique.

Antique bedroom furniture designs which were developed during the 18th century meanwhile consists of certain designs that belonged to a nation’s style such as Palladianism in Great Britain, and Rococo in France, and these designs depict grace, opulence, playfulness, and gaiety.

Baroque on the other hand is another antique design pattern which dwelt more on heavier looks and darker shades. In the 19th century, gothic design became popular.

Antique furniture can give your interior design a unique and comfortable feel.

Antique Hardwood Furnishings

Antique bedroom furniture is commonly made up of fine hardwood like mahogany, engraved with carved designs, and it is used to be owned by rich and wealthy personalities during their time. Other antique bedroom furniture from the US is made from wood, iron, steel, and aluminum, and was covered with animal skins like those of sharks and zebras. These covers feature bold zigzag, stepped forms and curves, chevron patterns and sunburst motif.

Some antique bedroom furniture meanwhile have designs inspired by natural beauty, embossing pictures of grass and seaweed, as well as with curved lines and floral shapes. Some antique owners prefer works made from elm wood with lacquer carvings from China.

Beds with elaborately draped tall posts are usually the symbol of antique bedroom furniture. They are usually covered by curtains which were hung from a cord pegged to the ceiling with either hooks or rings.

Fabrics to Match Your Antique Bedroom Furniture

Curtains and window treatments hold an important part in antique bedroom furniture as they were used to hold ultimate privacy for the bedroom’s master. The bed is the most complicated piece in antique bedroom furniture. It consists not only of the mattress, but also of hangings – which include a canopy cloth to enclose the top of the bed frame.

The head cloth is hung on the wall to keep the bed warm, while the head and foot curtains could be pulled around to enclose the bed. The valances and dust ruffles also take part of the bed’s overall grandeur. The bed should as well be dressed with canopies, lots of bold-colored pillows, ribbons and other trimmings in shades of gold.

Let There Be Light

It is important that you get the right lighting right in decorating an antique styled bedroom. Given that antique bedroom furniture deals more on the beauty of the room, light should be made to put the spotlight on the furniture.

Lampshades used in antique bedroom furniture include the classic ginger-jar style night stands, and those that are made from brass, crystal or china. Candlestick holders are also a good accent especially when they have been transformed as lampshades. Under each lamp, there must be a crocheted doily or tassel for a more authentic look.

Antique Dressers and Night Tables

Other antique bedroom furniture consists of tables, cabinets and chest drawers. It is important to place a table or cabinet in the bedroom complimented with a bamboo nightstand. Dressers meanwhile are typically made from either dark oak or walnut and embellished with carvings with attached ornate brass or wooden pulls. The most glamorous dressers also have a candle stand, and a tilting mirror on top of them.

The windows must be dressed with full curtains having ruffles, braids, lace, bows and tassels on them. The materials normally used in window dressings are of velvet, and brocade, which are then layered with lace or silk.

Flooring and Antique Bedroom Accessories

Finally, to fully accentuate the antique bedroom furniture, the flooring should be dressed up too. Oriental rugs and carpets add a more appealing look, completing the antique theme of the entire room’s space.

You may buy antique bedroom furniture in auctions and antique shops, especially original ones, but they usually cost very expensive. Furniture makers have now came up with antique replacements, and they give the same effect as well.

If you are feeling lucky, try shopping at garage sales and see if you can purchase cheaper finds.

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