Tuscan Bathroom Design

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A glazed concrete finish gives this bathroom vanity countertop the look of a natural patina that feels Tuscan.

A bathroom can be a design nightmare or an inviting room; the key is to choose a design that is consistent with the rest of your house.

If you have Tuscan or Mediterranean elements in your home, why not decorate your bathroom in luxurious Tuscan design and style, featuring marble, scrolled ironwork, and decorative ceramic tiles?

If your master bedroom is decorated in Tuscan style, why not coordinate the master bath? Tuscan design is easy, and the old world look that it imparts gives even small bathrooms a feeling of natural opulence. After all, your master bathroom should be one room in the house for indulgence and relaxation.

Follow these tips and ideas for your Tuscan bathroom remodeling project.

The Origins of Tuscan Home Décor

Tuscany (or Toscana) is famous for its wines and beautiful hill country, with a warm and naturally romantic ambience; its quaint pastoral scenery, agrarian lifestyle and intimate connection to the azure Mediterranean Sea give one the comfort of being at home in a Tuscan style room décor.

Tuscan Décor and Materials

If you want to give your bathroom the appeal of Tuscan style, you’ll want to stick with natural materials such as a sink with a marble, slate or glass basin, rough and rustic wall texturing, wrought iron towel racks and light fixtures and rough hewn, wide wood planks or terra cotta floor tiles for the flooring.

Natural stone, wood and arches give this opulent master bathroom a touch of Tuscany!

Tuscan Bathroom Color Schemes

When choosing colors, select warm colors with a warm tone base; focus on rustic colors that can be found in nature. Gold and terra cotta colors are particularly common in Tuscan design. Don’t forget to integrate darker colors like deep azure blue, burgundy or olive green as accents to ground the room.

Imagine the sun-drenched colors of a Tuscany hillside vineyard. Walls finished to look like adobe or stucco can be color washed, or faux painted give them the natural patina of Tuscan walls.

A good way to choose colors is to select for your bathroom wall a large picture of a Tuscany landscape. A good Bathroom Remodeling guide would be a painting of an old Tuscan home with its stucco walls and terracotta tile roof. Nearby vineyards and other plantings will set the mood.

To select a color palette that works well together for your bathroom remodeling project, try looking for an inspiration piece. It can be a piece of tile or a painting of an Italian countryside vista. Select colors from this piece; you already know that they look good together. And again, don’t forget to choose at least one darker color as an accent.

A rough plaster texture gives the look of Tuscan adobe or stucco walls. You can also use joint compound to achieve a similar look. Terra cotta tiles give an authentic Tuscan feel.Wall Paint for Your Tuscan Style Bathroom

Once you’ve selected your color, create some visual depth with textured walls; they can make even smaller bathrooms feel expansive. Start with a lighter shade on the walls and consider layering a darker shade in a sponge or stucco treatment.
Joint compound can be used to create interesting texture on your walls or color wash the walls to create striations of color that look gently worn.

If your cabinets don’t quite compliment your new look, consider painting them too. You can create the look of aged rustic cabinets by painting them in a base color and then applying paraffin wax to the edges. Then paint over with another color. When you rub off the wax with a damp rag, the undercoat will show, giving depth to the piece.

Another possibility, if you’re handy with a brush, is to apply the accent color by hand.

Tuscan Bathroom Cabinets

For an authentic Tuscan look, you could choose rough hewn cabinets with chicken wire on the cabinet doors; a common look in Tuscan farmhouses. For a more upscale look, you could go with distressed wood cabinets or faux paint your cabinets to give them an aged look.

Tuscan Bathroom Fixtures and Accessories

You’ll need fixtures with old-world flair. Your bathroom sink, vanity, and accessories should all contribute to the overall feeling of the room. Look for classic lines like those found in vessel sinks and ornate framed mirrors. Many companies now carry Tuscan lines of bathroom furniture and fixtures.

And don’t forget the seating; a cushioned chair in a classic print can be a terrific addition to a Tuscan bath if you have the space to use one.

Scene from an authentic home in Toscano! If the decor of your bedroom has a Tuscan theme, then a matching Tuscan master bathroom will be the perfect choice.

Marble or tile will add important depth and visual interest to your Tuscan bathroom. It can be expensive, but even a few hand-painted accent tiles will make a difference. Put down a nice soft Tuscan throw rug or floor matt to add a splash of color and give your Tuscan bathroom floor a softer, warmer feel for your toes!

If you can’t afford enough to tile the walls or the floor, consider buying accessories made from these materials and display them as wall art or on the bathroom vanity.

Consider integrating the following accessories into your Tuscan style bathroom. Depending on the amount of space you have to work with, you may want to add some shelving or select a few of these elements to showcase on the vanity next to the bathroom sink. The last thing you want is for the room to feel crowded.

These bathroom accessories will contribute to your Tuscan bathroom vibe:

  • Wall mirror with frame painted with Tuscan grape vines
  • Glass apothecary jars or cut glass containers
  • Metal urns and terra cotta pots
  • Plants, real or imitation depending on your available light
  • Wrought iron candleholders and wall sconces
  • Italian crystal glass door and cabinet knobs
  • Floral arrangement with silk flowers in soft shapes such as alliums, peonies and sweet peas, arranged in a wicker basket or pewter bucket
  • Italian Murano style art glass vase or vessel

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