Teen Bathroom Design Ideas

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As youngsters become teenagers, their time in the bathroom changes. The vanity and sink area becomes a primary focus in the all-time-consuming process of getting ready, especially for girls!

Storage, drawers and organizers become especially important in the teen bathroom to keep the expanding collection of cosmetics and accessories orderly and easily in reach. If you have more than one teenager in the house, well-designed sink and storage areas for function can save you ear aches as your teens battle for mirror time while getting ready for high school.

In this period, teenagers tend to take a real interest in the look of their rooms. With an increased desire for privacy, your teenager may be spending more time in their bathroom. There are plenty of great teen bathroom solutions to match your teen’s lifestyle and special interests, as well as to keep the room functional and attractive.

If your teenagers bathroom looks looks like the aftermath of a hurricane its time to do some re-organizing!

Planning the Space in the Teen Bathroom

The layout in your teen bathroom will depend on the number of teenagers using it and the ages of them. With one child the design will be easy. You can tailor it to him or her, and easily anticipate his or her changing needs and development.

However, if more than one child will be using to room you need to consider how often they will be using it, their genders and the number of children sharing the space.

With more than one child, you need at least two lavatories. The best designs in a shared bathroom space include compartmentalized spaces for toilet, bathtub, shower and so on. If this isn’t possible, consider setting the toilet apart, which can be a real lifesaver on hectic mornings.

Double vanities are also a good consideration to reinforce the territorial tendencies of teenagers. If this isn’t possible, an extra large mirror will ease the battle when sharing grooming time.

Teen Bathroom Storage Savers

As parents know all too well, teenagers can be a little sloppy at cleaning up after themselves. Considering good storage solutions is invaluable in the teen bathroom. As the grooming supplies go up, so must the space to store them. Make sure you include a large, capacious vanity with deep drawers to house endless bottles of hair products and cosmetics that teens can’t live without.

Every teenage girl needs a makeup vanity. If her bathroom is too small, then a vanity in her bedroom can double as a study work space too.

Encourage your teens to fight the laziness that stops them cleaning up after them by keeping storage close-to-hand. An extra large towel rack in reach of the shower or bath will save piles of towels from sitting on the floor. Small storage niches created between the wall studs make handy spots for shampoo and toiletries.

An innovative compromise is to consider shelving without doors. Towels can be stacked within reach, and having them on display like this is a better motivator to keep them clean and orderly.

Lighting and Ventilation

Besides general lighting, teens require good clear task lighting for grooming. Around the mirror is the most logical area. Most important however, is proper ventilation. Invest in a good exhaust fan. Not only will it make the room’s air quality healthier and surfaces less slick but it will help to maintain materials that can be ruined by water build up and mildew.

Remember you may not spend as much time in your teen’s bathroom so make it as easy as possible for your child to keep it well maintained.

Teen Bathroom Decorating Ideas

As with all decorating, the décor for a teen bathroom is entirely a matter of choice. There are no rules as to what is ‘appropriate’ but at this age trends do tend to emerge. Teens are too old for a cutesy, childlike theme room, but still young enough to want to make a statement with funky colors and accessories.

What’s important is to let your teen take charge and express how they would like to design the room. It’s a great chance for bonding and a great opportunity to let them express themselves in a healthy, encouraging manner. Don’t be nervous! It’s easy to freshen and funk up a teen bathroom with some simple paint tricks and clever accessories. Your teen’s tastes will create a bathroom that is a bold statement rather than a nightmare.

Color and Paint Effects

Adding color to the bathroom space is the quickest and most effective way to modernize the décor. Just like teens, color is bright and exciting. Painting will save you from having to commit to theme wallpapers, and if you choose carefully, you can create a room that can effortlessly be transformed to a more mature look when your teen eventually moves out.

If you want to design a room that is malleable enough to change after your teen leaves, stick with whites, creams or other neutrals for all the fixed components of the room. This palette is always stylish and clean-looking no matter what you pair it up with.

To create a dramatic and impacting statement for your teen, pick a contrasting color like vivid pink or lime green and employ this color to every personal article, soft goods and displays in the bathroom. Imagine the impact in a teen girl’s bathroom that a hot pink shower curtain, towels, toothbrushes, bathmat and water glasses would have against white wainscoting walls. It’s a young and fresh but doesn’t overpower the space and can be transformed to a classic chic in years to come.

Color plays an important role in designing your teen bathroom. Red and black gives this teen bathroom great contrast and a bold theme.

If you are willing to let your teen go a little ‘wild’ in their decorating and aren’t worried about painting the walls in bright colors, then some interesting paint effects can add some audacious and unexpected breaks with conventional painting techniques.
Experiment with bold dominant colors in some of these effects:

  • Vertical Stripes – Will work to make a room look taller. Lighter colors will expand the room, while darker colors will hem it in. For a subtle and easy effect, try a single horizontal band of paint in a different color from the wall and run it all around the room. Make it as wide or as narrow as you please.
  • Blocks – Geometric shapes are so versatile to paint on because they can fit together to create an entirely new effect. You can create a dramatic effect in a bathroom without windows, dividing a wall into four or six blocks and painting each one a different color.
  • Lines – You can make a feature of color contrasts using the same principals of the feature wall. A single line of color running vertically or horizontally is very easy to do and has great impact. Perhaps use this device to separate different functions of the bathroom such as a color on two walls for the ‘wet’ bathing area, and a contrasting color on the ‘dry’ pampering side.

Funky Teen Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Let your teen go for something unusual on the floor that you might not want in any ‘classic’ areas of the rest of the house. Why not try one of these unique teen bathroom flooring ideas:

  • Rubber – It’s great for the bathroom! Warm and soft underfoot, cleaned easily with a swish of detergent, hard-wearing, stain resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-slip. Rubber is the perfect quirky bathroom floor option. There are plenty of colors to choose from or you could mix them up to create a checkerboard look.
  • Metal – Has a sleek, eye-catching finish and is great for the bathroom. With a raised pattern it will protect against slipping while making an easily cleaned, practical, attractive bathroom feature.
  • Sanded Wood – A great option in a teen bathroom because it can so effectively be accessorize with personality. Sanded floors are affordable and universally appealing and versatile. Add a jolt of color with a groovy rug or even treat it with a color wash. If your daring, maybe even let your teen paint a shape or pattern directly onto the floor itself.

Teen Bathroom Accessories

After painting walls, and choosing flooring, it is the accessories that will leap into life your teen bathroom and importantly, add the fun and stamp of individuality. There are no permanent commitments to any accessories so it is the best place to allow your teen to really let their imagination run.

Let your teenagers have a bit of fun with their bathroom design. You can always repaint the walls later!

Spend some time together considering which items work well together in terms of color and shape. If there are particular things that take pride and place in your teen’s heart, think about the best way to show them to best advantage. Here are some ideas:

  • Hang some large pictures, or glassed posters on the wall to form a focal point.
  • Laminated photos of friends or football, baseball cards can be pegged onto a thin wire with small clips and hung across a wall.
  • It is possible to find translucent plastic shower curtains with pockets that your teen can display photos of family and friends in.
  • Customize glass shelving holding a gift-wrap motif underneath and painting over the design with water-based varnish. Spray over with glass etch spray, leaving it opaque apart from the varnish patterned areas,
  • Customize a plain lampshade by sticking sheets of music, maps or unusual gift-wrap and varnish it.
  • Don’t get obsessed about lining things up in rows or of the same height, take a relaxed approach and jumble things for a funky, random style.

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