Outdoor Showers and Spa Tubs

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An outdoor shower is convenient if you spend much time outdoors, especially if you live near the beach or like to enjoy swimming in the pool or other outdoor activities. Soak in your spa tub after a workout, shower before you go back inside and save time versus having to use an indoor shower. It’s like living at a luxury spa resort!

Designing Your Outdoor Shower

There are no special materials required for an outdoor shower, so the costs and considerations are very similar. One aspect that will require careful planning to get right is the drainage. It is imperative to protect the environment and to maintain the beautiful natural elements to preserve that picturesque view.

Connect your drainage system up with a well-engineered septic or dry-well system, such as a French drain, to protect the soil from hot water and shampoo chemicals. You might also want to consider switching to eco-friendly showering products to protect vegetation.

You can create your own backyard oasis with a little planning and creativity.

As with outdoor bathtubs, rules don’t exist when it comes to choosing the materials for the shower itself. Recycling items in unusual ways works great in this setting, as recycling is all about preserving nature, as well as preserving the damage to your pocket. Most importantly, whatever you use must be able to stand up to the harsh natural elements, such as salt, sand, sun and rainstorms.

Use materials that are mildew and rot resistant, such as lumber that has been pressure-treated, synthetic decking or stone. Tile is a bad option for an outdoor shower. Be sure to check that any areas adjoining the house are tightly sealed off! You don’t want any showers being shared inside.

Finally consider the usage of your shower and you’ll appreciate the multi-functioning of it later down the track.

A luxurious drenching “rain” showerhead would be appreciated by guests. These offer a wider area of spray than conventional showerheads and are mounted overhead rather than in front. If it is fitted in an open area, guests would also feel more comfortable with some privacy in the form of a screen, perhaps made from bamboo or pergola vines.

Outdoor Spa and Jacuzzi Area

What could be better than a rejuvenating soaking space that features the best of bath, lounge and spa, all under the stars? When installing a spa or Jacuzzi in your outdoor space, the focus should be on living, relaxing and conversation rather than function. In Japan, the tradition of enjoying communal soaks in deep, steaming tubs has been practiced for centuries. Today, home baths are growing larger and more luxurious as people strive to bring the delights of the spa experience into their daily lives.

Ideally, the spa space is in a separate area from the general living, so this outdoor setting is ideal to experience therapeutic bathing. The key is to make the tub spa tub the focal point of the space and construct a spa environment around it, so that it can be enjoyed alone or with guests.

You might like the simple, sophisticated design of a Japanese soaking hot tub, or in a more limited space install a whirlpool, traditional hot tub, or a double-ended soaking tub. Add the addition of seating – such as a built-in bench – and make the spa a comfortable gathering space.

Natural stone makes a great material for an outdoor tub or jacuzzi area.

Like all bathing spaces, spa baths need water-resistant materials. Natural woods, such as teak, cedar, mahogany, and redwood are sensible choices to stand up against outdoor conditions. However, make sure they are properly sealed.

Make the spa area the ultimate haven by surrounding it with an array of textures and accessories. Accessorize with sponges, smooth stones, or some tropical plants. Bring in a woven outdoor rug for stimulating texture under bare feet. Revel in the pure harmony or natural materials and soothing water.

Think of an especially memorable visit to a spa, or even a well-appointed hotel, and try to re-create the aspects of that environment. Bring in some aromatherapy candles, piles of exceptionally fluffy pillows (that you could store in a galvanized, metal box), or a tubside tray to hold a cup of tea. The details that linger are most often simple and sublime.

Outdoor Fixtures and Accessories for Baths, Showers and Spas

Fixtures are vessels, and like containers of any kind they come in a variety of materials, shapes, styles, sizes, colors and finishes. In an outdoor design, you have the ultimate opportunity to stretch the rules as the bathroom accessories tend to be scant in this setting. Experiment with these details to add some personality as you please.

Installing bathroom fixtures outdoors transforms the everyday bathing experience, so don’t feel compelled to choose ordinary ones.

If you have a beach or vacation home adding a simple outdoor shower is really a no-brainer!

Most indoors showers have concealed plumbing: valves and water-delivery pipes are behind a wall, and only the shower head and valve trims are visible.

For an outdoor shower, the plumbing can be designed to be on display. You can make a highlight of the plumbing system by polishing the metal finish and featuring ceramic lever handles.

When it comes to accessories, you can be wonderfully clever. Take an everyday object, meant for another use, that you love and you’re able to adapt creatively and use it in place of a standard fixture.

Humor, creativity, and a flash of the unexpected will transform your bathing space. For your outdoor bathroom design, remember small details count as much as large ones

Be inventive; you’ll want to use your re-modelled bath everyday.

Accessorizing Your Outdoor Spa

  • Here are some tips to get your imagination started when finding accessories to add the perfect touch to your outdoor bath:
  • Find an antique curtain rod and mount it on an outdoor wall for use as a towel bar.
  • Attach an antique frame to a mirror to give it a fresh look and incorporate indoor elements to the outdoors.
  • A vintage carpenter’s tool caddy is perfect as a wooden tray for bathing accessories.
  • Galvanized and enameled graniteware buckets make novel vehicles for shower supplies.
  • Dangle a cluster of camp lights by the bathtub to shed warm light for night-time bathing.
  • Hang white tie-top curtains and make a screen of plants to provide a measure of privacy.
  • Create the necessary bathroom fixtures out of unexpected forms; use potted flowers to stand in for walls. A wooden chair can replace a bathroom vanity. Hang a mirror and hooks on the wall, scatter some candles and you have transformed an outdoor space into a romantic, relaxing vanity area.

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