Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

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You want it to look good, but safety and function come first in any childs bath.

Adults see the bathroom as a space for retreating and unwinding, but children see the bathroom as a place to play. After all, the bathtub is filled with toys and the mirrors are great for making silly faces.

A spunky bathroom that suits their bright-eyed personalities is another reason they’ll succumb to the necessary brushing of teeth. Splash out in a fun bathroom designed especially for your children and you’ll have less trouble getting them into the bathroom, though some convincing may be required to get them out!

Before you can get to the fun part, designing your kids themed bathroom, it is important to address the necessities of a kid’s bath. Remember that a kid’s bathroom has age-specific needs. Every element needs to be looked at thoughtfully to consider storage, use of space, function and most essentially, safety.

Plan the Space from a Kid’s Point-of-View

Make bathroom tasks like brushing teeth fun for kids!

A child’s bathroom requires you to look at things from a shorter point of view. You want to consider how to make best use of the space but also how to anticipate your child’s needs may change and be able to cater for these.

No matter whether you have a single or a double bathroom, plan the room to keep the essentials low and easy in reach of little ones. Towel racks, hooks, cabinets, shelves and light switches all need to be made accessible and easy to use. Not only will this encourage independence but also lessen the risk of accidents.

When planning the space out, also try to anticipate the future changes in the family structure. If more than one child will be sharing the bathroom, as they grow the age gap and your children’s needs change and your bathroom needs to be able to work for varying ages, genders and numbers of children using it.

The best design options for this set-up are compartmentalized spaces; one for the toilet, one for the bath, one for the shower and perhaps also storage. If this isn’t feasible, at least consider a separate toilet to de-stress the morning and evening rush.

Kids Bathroom Fittings and Fixtures

You can make small adjustments to your approach for choosing fittings when they will be used exclusively by children. Think low with all the fittings. You can either intentionally design the cabinetry to be low enough for a child, or for a more cost effective option, make sure on a short and steady stool the countertop will be easily in reach.

A hand painted wall mural adds fun and interest to the kids bathroom design!

Single-lever faucets in the basin are a simple and easy touch that children find much easier to navigate. Also consider handheld showerheads and pullout faucets; they’re great for cleaning sinks and bathtubs as well as bodies.

The toilet basin is an area that your child will appreciate if the design is easy to use as possible. You will appreciate this too when it leads to less accidents to clean up! Especially with boys, and of any age, an elongated bowl will be far more hygienic than a standard oval shape.

If your budget allows, you can incorporate fun and imaginative touches to your fixtures, such as setting the bath in a custom surround shaped like a boat. With any added features, make sure they always capitalize on safety and storage as these are the two most essential aspects of a child’s bath. Even the smallest touch like installing door levers instead of knobs, will be far easier to use, especially with wet hands.

Making Storage Handy in Your Kids Bathroom

The focus is a little askew from the regular bathroom but all the same important. You’ll need more room for toy storage and storage solutions that your child can easily access on their own. Providing open shelves will make tidying up easier. Remember again to keep them low.

Towel racks and hooks for robes should be installed within a child’s reach. Big, capacious drawers need to be within reach to store all the essentials, combs, brushes and other grooming aids. Baskets and plastic bins that can be kept out-of-the-way are great options instead of drawers.

Cute undersea bathroom design for kids with fishy towel holders.

To encourage your kids to be neat and tidy consider some alternative methods. Velcro strips, for instance, can be pressed into duty for holding combs, brushes and similar items. In the shower, a vinyl organizer with pierced pockets to drain the water will catch all the shampoos, soaps and so forth.

Safety, Safety, Safety!

As much fun as bathing can be for a child, it must be safe; inspect all the small details that can cause children big trauma. Prevent bruises and falls with grab bars around the bathtub or shower so there is something firm to grip to when getting out. Cabinetry and countertops should also have rounded edges and corners.

Pills, medicines and ointments are a fact of bathrooms so you always want to childproof the medicine cabinet with a lock. Lessen the risk by flushing expired medicines down the toilet today or eliminate the risk by removing medicine entirely from the kids’ bathroom.

Children are fast little wrigglers so choose a flooring surface that will lessen slip risks. Opt for a non-slip and water-resistant surface like textured tile or vinyl. Make sure rugs have non-skid backings and install rubber footpads on step stools and chairs to prevent them from slipping.

Of vital importance, is that you are smart with water. Electrical gadgets are a real risk so keep them far away and equip the electrical outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters. To avoid burns, set the household water temperature to a moderate temperature, keeping in mind that 120F causes scalding.

The National Kids Safe Campaign recommends a maximum hot water setting of 105F, as kids are far more susceptible to burns. You can install a pressure-balanced valve in the shower that will guarantee a consistent water temperature and prevent sudden bursts of heat when the toilet is flushed.

Finally, arrange the bathroom so nothing can block the door. You need to be able to reach your children in an emergency!

Be Smart with Water

Reduce mildew and water-related headaches with these moves:

  • Keep a stack of absorbent towels near the bathtub for speedy puddle cleanups.
  • Install a vent fan and keep it dust-free with an occasional swipe with a rag.
  • Ask your paint supplier to mix a mildewcide into the pain you’ll use.
  • Choose easy-clean flooring such as tile, linoleum, or laminate rather than carpet.
  • Drain the bathtub as soon as bathers are out.
  • Install a childproof latch on the toilet lid.

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