Girls Bathroom Design Ideas

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Yah, we know its not real, but every girls got to have her dream!

Little girls enjoy pretty places, pretty things, and dressing up. Even if they’re only going to brush their teeth or hair in their bathroom, it’s bound to be an occasion of playful elegance.

Your little girl’s bathroom doesn’t have to be classically serious, it is where she will want to pamper herself after all.

A little bit of drama, a touch of romance, and details of the feminine sort can dress up a little girl’s bathroom with spirited atmosphere.

Rub-a-Dub Ducky Bathroom

A classic theme for the bathroom, you can easily give this a girly touch with a splash of paint and some creative personal touches.

A lilac color scheme is feminine and also nicely complements the yellow duckys without overpowering a small space.

Ducky's are still in? Who woulda thought...

Paint the lower half of the wall in white/lilac stripes, then separate a solid lilac top with a yellow border repeating ‘rub a dub dub’ in playful lettering all around the room.

You can easily put some duck stencils on these walls wherever a fun touch could be needed. Pick yellow towels and accessories as well as simple, pale yellow blinds. Fresh flowers and plenty of rubber ducks will bring to life any simple white fixtures.

Rose Bower Princess Bathroom Theme

The rose bower princess lives in luxurious decadence. If you love decorating, you can lavish it on with this ultimate girly theme. This bathroom calls for pink and celadon rose-bedecked wallpaper. Unusually, paint the ceiling pink and keep the floorboards clean but water-sealed. Emit feelings of grandeur by hanging bead accents from a hanging lamp shade, you can find these parts and ribbons at craft shops to affordably recreate the atmosphere.

Find some pretty posters of famous art and double frame it in ornate, gold sprayed frames. Hunt for some antique furniture you can restore by painting, lightly sanding and adding flower stencils. The mirror needs a grand ornate frame that again you can hunt for at a flea market.

Bring an aura of old-fashioned romance with an elegant ceiling fixed water proof drape to encase the bathtub. Choose a clear finish and decorate it with elegant beads or a sheer fabric on the outer.

Elegant Ball Gown Bathroom

If your little girl likes princesses, you have a lot of possible theme variations to consider.

Let your little girl pamper herself amongst playful reflections of bygone Cinderella days when details went into elegant ball gowns made of ruffles, sashes and ribbons. Think girly color schemes that are pale pink or peachy. Lavishly deck the windows with long flowing ruffled curtains and tassels.

A glass-topped cabinet would be nicely in this setting, dress it up with perfumes, lotions and ornate photo frames. Choose a large mirror with painted floral accents on it or a decadent border. A floral area rug has a divine nostalgic touch, as would an antique looking hinged folding screen that you can crisscross with ribbon.

Sweet Storybook Bathroom Theme

Especially attractive to younger girls, the airy, sweet feel and minimal use of color is perfect for the bathroom. With a neutral color palette, think to make the bathroom feel cosy and harmonious with classic blue and white checked fabric curtains with sweet netting underlay. Stencil or paint freehand nursery rhyme themed murals from your daughter’s favorite story.

Perhaps a favorite water or bathing inspired line of poetry to border the ceiling. If you can find, choose toweling with nursery themed prints or simple pastel colors.

Simple and classic white wooden furniture goes best, especially any seating that has a country bumpkin feel. A sweet touch could be a small chalkboard attached to the wall that you can write the evening and morning bathroom routine on.

Hello Kitty Bathroom Caddies? Whats next?

Hello Kitty Theme

You can find everything from area rugs to toothbrush holders in the Hello Kitty world. If your little girl is into Hello Kitty then you’re in luck; these items are easy to find, inexpensive and quickly replaced later when she says good bye to Hello Kitty!

Funky Flower Bathroom

Unique floral stencils are unexpected theme details but so delightfully easy to do. A floral theme is always in fashion for girls. Choose a bright background color like a deep purple to set off the lively floral arrangements. Paint bouquets of flowers trailing around the mirror frame in a charming curve, follow this up around the door and even line the bath. Perhaps add bands of flowers of drawers and countertops, even extend to the roof, a fun detail to observe while in the bath.

Be sure to add plenty of storage and some shelving in your girls bathroom.

Floral goes great with rainbow colored checks, maybe you could use these on the curtains to contrast. There are never ending floral printed area rugs to choose from, just make sure it is slip-resistant. For a cute touch, think ‘garden themed’ furniture, like a homemade child-size picket fence chair accented with floral cutouts.

Girl’s Beach Bathroom Theme

A theme that can be great for both boys and girls bathroom, a beach theme is always popular for the bathroom. A simple square tiled bathroom, with white cabinetry and fixtures can be brought to life with beach themed accents. Deck this bathroom out in blue-sky beach colors or pale peach and sandy hues. Add some creative mirror frames with driftwood border or a collage of shells.

Sand down some cheap outdoor furniture and paint it in a weathered green or red, a fresh and vibrant color. Add little details like linked shells on a chain to hold back a shower curtain or beaded shells to run vertically down the blinds. A sail boat throw rug and plenty of glued on shell accessories finish the look off, a pair of flip-flops waiting at the door will add the finishing touch.

Pastel Quilt Bathroom

Checkerboard tiles are a favorite in bathroom design, they simply and easily bring a small space to life. The pastel quilt twist on this is a classic girl’s theme. Use tiles in pastel pink, cream, green, and some spots of raspberry. Repeat the quilt pattern all over, on countertops, walls, floor, bathtub and surround.

You can make borders on the wall by turning the tiles of the central band on the diagonal to arrange against the tiles outside it. White, washed wicker furniture and simple pastel fabrics and toweling are perfect in this bathroom. Some fresh flowers in a vase and its good for your little girl’s use.

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