Designing a Spa Bathroom

Spas are the ultimate in luxury, but who says that you have to go to a spa to have the spa experience.

Even a small bathroom can be transformed into a relaxing retreat with some simple changes.

And, if you have the space and budget, you can go beyond accessories and install some luxury fixtures to really up the spa quotient.

A steam shower or a Japanese soaking tub might be just the addition you’re looking for.

Follow these tips when undertaking your spa bathroom remodeling project:

Planning Your Spa Bath Redesign

First, you’ll need to decide whether you’re looking at a big redesign or just a few small changes to evoke a spa-like ambience. The most obvious limitation is cost; a major spa redesign is expensive.

Not only are the materials costly, but you’re probably going to need to spring for professional installation unless you happen to be a builder yourself.

When it comes to major remodeling, you can save time and money by using the existing plumbing for the shower and toilet.

Moving walls to accommodate larger tubs and installing new plumbing are added costs that you have to consider.

Also consider the space you have to work with. Fancy showers and tubs can take up a lot of space, and while moving walls is always possible, you may end up losing too much space from the other rooms in your house.

Simple Changes Resulting in a Spa-Like Bathroom

You can create a spa-like bathroom simply by reorganizing and buying some new bathroom accessories.

Consider the following spa bathroom design ideas:

  • Buy some nice fluffy cotton towels and display them. One of the most common and attractive approaches is to roll the towels and display them in a basket.
  • While you’re buying baskets, pick up a couple extra and use them to store all of the stuff that usually clutters your counters and bathroom vanity. Clutter is decidedly un-spa like.
  • Consider buying some rugs that rival your towels for softness. Wool is a good bathroom choice; it’s washable and luxuriously soft underfoot.
    Invest in some soft robes.
  • Add a heated towel rack next to the tub or shower.
  • Install a dimmer switch and bring in the candles to create the right ambience. Consider selecting candles with a soothing aromatherapy scent.
  • Get a small CD player and play some acoustic music or nature sound CDs.
  • Create a bath tray with all of the elements you’ll need to soak in luxury. Bath salts, soft washcloths, bath mitts, etc.
  • Install some seating. Even the smallest bathrooms can accommodate a stool. Larger rooms can hold a cushy armchair.
  • Decorate the walls with framed paintings or dainty appliqués. Or consider installing a frame around the mirror.

Elements of a Major Spa Bathroom Redesign

If you’re planning a major spa design, the first step is to decide which luxury amenities you want.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Multi-jet showers – The most luxurious spa showers have a line of whirlpool jets arranged vertically to give you an invigorating massage. You can install a completely new shower or retrofit your existing shower with a multi-jet panel. You can also select one- or two-person models.
  • Steam shower – A steam shower is one step up from a multi-jet. Most have multi-jet capabilities, but they also have a steam function similar to a sauna.
  • Whirlpool tub – A jetted tub doesn’t just have to be relegated to the deck. If you install it as a part of a spa bathroom, you can use your hot tub spa all year long.
  • Heated floor – A floor warming system can be installed under ceramic or stone floors.
  • Steam-free mirror – A steam-free mirror is ideal for people who like long hot showers. These mirrors automatically turn on with the lights, so you don’t even need to flick a switch.
  • Luxury countertops, sinks, cabinets, etc. – It would look incongruous to have luxury fixtures mixed with a chipped countertop or cracked sink. Similarly, make sure that the cabinets, toilet, and fixtures all contribute to your opulent design. Custom cabinetry, designer tile, and marble countertops can make a big difference. Consider adding a second sink if you don’t have one.
  • Dressing area – Consider a dressing area or link a walk-in closet to both the bathroom and the bedroom.

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