Designing a Guest Bathroom

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Furnish your house guests with plenty of towels, soap and ammenities to make them feel at home or in the comfort of a luxury spa!

How do you outfit the perfect guest bathroom? There are etiquette lists galore for hosts and hostesses, but you can add lots of little luxuries without reading a word.

It’s easy to make guests feel cared for; be generous, and be practical. You needn’t put in a spa. Just remember to follow the golden rule and provide visitors with the same design elements that you enjoy having in your own bathroom.

In a guest bathroom, accessories are the essence of the art of hospitality. Include large towels and keep new toothbrushes and other provisions close at hand so that they won’t have to go looking for a thing.

Provide each visitor with a robe. Cut fresh flowers for a fragrant greeting. Use the little things to make your guests feel as if they’re not only welcome, but absolutely at home.

Basics and Necessities for your Guest Bathroom

The best situation for guests is an en suite arrangement. Even if the guest bathroom is down the hall, however, you can still decorate with travelers in mind.

There’s something especially friendly about a room that mixes vintage design elements with contemporary accessories, like a Demilune table crossed with a white cottage bench.

Small gestures make a big difference. Put out fruit and fresh flowers; both are classic signs of hospitality. Grooming supplies, obviously, should be included: soaps, shampoos, lotions and creams, thick towels, and a plush robe go a long way toward making your guests feel cared for.

A marble-topped vanity or luxurious pedestal sink will give your guest bath an added touch of style, making it more unique and comfortable. Use artwork, trim work such as wainscoting, crown molding, etc. to complete the look you’re trying to achieve.

Treat your guests to a luxurious guest bathroom experience!

Seasonal Accessorizing in your Guest Bathroom

Supplies and amenities are what set apart the upscale spa from run-of-the-mill hotel rooms, so why not afford your guests the comforts of being home even when they might not have remembered toothpaste or shampoo?

Once you’ve provided the basics, think about what else your guests might like to have during their stay. If you’re hosting during the summer, sun block, lip gloss and flip-flops would be perfect. In cold seasons, have lip balm and moisturizers handy to soothe the effects of dry winter air. Local travel guides and maps are always welcome.

Accessories and Amenities for the Guest Bath

It’s nice to be able to add some special flourishes to a guest bathroom that go beyond the norm. Whatever amenities you include, think about decorative effect as well as function. Some people go for contrast; others like the serenity of monochrome materials.

If you’ve got white spaces and want to add some color and texture, bath beads and salts are a useful and attractive way of providing that note. They come in all sorts of containers, from colored bottles to attractive paper wrappers. Consider matching sets of refillable containers for wet and dry items. A great idea is stoppered jars that look like nineteenth-century pharmacy glass containers, but they’re clear plastic, and unbreakable.

Guest Bathroom Color Options

The focus of the guest bathroom should be on creating a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for your visitors. Even subtle and neutral color choices can have a great impact.

You can add visual depth to a white bathroom by juxtaposing different shades, finishes, and shapes. Perhaps, white-painted moldings with a gloss finish, with the wainscoting of the walls in a satin finish. You could offset vertical paneling with horizontal white subway tiles around the fixtures. White hexagonal tiles could easily add more geometric interest. Creamy tan of linen curtains and plush terry cloth towels would broaden the range of neutrals.

Even with a pale palette you can enliven the bathroom with carefully calculated splashes of texture and hue. Top this off with small accents of greenery in glass vases to freshen the space.

Make the vanity in your guest bathroom a visual focal point; choose sink basin, fixtures and materials to achieve your desired theme.

Guest Bathroom Materials Options

These are some classic choices of materials for a timeless, classic and malleable guest bathroom design:

Subway Tiles – These rectangular tiles, usually white, take their name from their resemblance to the tiles used on the walls of New York’s subway stations. They’re a classic choice for a shower surround, where they can add great horizontal accent and are easy to maintain.

Wainscoting – Originally installed to prevent damage to walls, wainscoting usually refers to wooden panels or boards that cover the lower portion of an interior wall. It also describes the wood facing of an interior wall (paneling). White-painted wainscoting can add subtle texture t your guest bathroom design.

Nickel – This malleable, corrosion-resistant, white-silver metal was the finish choice for luxury bathrooms in the early twentieth century. The matte finish of a nickel-trimmed shelf over your guest bathroom sink would contrast beautifully with polished chrome faucets.

Finishing touches for your Guest Bathroom

It’s the smallest details that count in designing your guest bathroom. By providing thoughtful finishing touching accessories you will make your guests feel as comfortable in your home as they do in their own.

After your guest bathroom is well-stocked with the staples, finish off with some of these great accessory tips:

  • Treat guests to aromatherapy delights such as candles, tub teas, and bath crystals.
  • You might also scent the bathroom with fresh flowers and herbs that promote well-being. Mint and citrus are said to be energizing, lavender has been used for centuries to relax the mind, rose in calming, and rosemary is uplifting.
  • Low stools are always handy for the bath, both as extra seating (even in a shower if they are made of waterproof material) and as an occasional side table for putting objects within reach of the bathtub.
  • A generous supply of bottled water is a thoughtful touch for overnight guests.
  • A stack of fresh towels makes the simplest bathroom seem elegant. For a guest bathroom, choose the most luxurious towels you can find.
  • Travel maps and a basket of sun hats are thoughtful amenities for summer guests.

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