Country Cottage Bathroom Design

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Earthy brown looks great with white fixtures, pedestal sink and white wainscoting give this country bathroom style and flair.

Everyone has his or her own idea of what country means, though many would be hard pressed to put it into words.

Whimsical, airy designs that hearken back to simpler times, romantic touches that bring a smile to our faces, sunlit spaces that warm our hearts, all of these things lend charm to any room.

If you think this is the right look for you, there are several ways you can bring this delightful sense of comfort and charm to your bathroom.

A Breath of Fresh Country Air

Luxury and indulgence are present in the typical country-style bathroom, but in the uncomplicated form of thick, laundry-roughened towels, lavender scented bath water and a window with a green and pleasant view.

Whether it is designed to complement a rose-covered cottage or as an escapist retreat from urban reality, the country look always works well in a bathroom setting. Easily created, involving inexpensive materials and simple techniques, the effect is pretty, fresh and appealing.

Country Bathroom Décor

Many bathrooms of traditional country homes have been converted from spare bedrooms, and often have enough space to allow a more imaginative layout than is possible in a modern bathroom. If they are retained, built-in cupboards, window seats, alcoves and other features of the original room add character.

The classic country look is perhaps best associated with sprigged floral wallpapers and flowery fabrics, which, together with accessories such as dried flowers, are readily available and have timeless appeal. The country style implies a certain nostalgia and fittings usually follow a traditional theme; large, old-fashioned washstands with brass legs; cast-iron bathtubs with ball-and-claw feet; high level toilet cisterns worked by pull-chains; wooden toilet seats and towel rails.

Country Bathroom Design Color Schemes

An old fashioned style bowl serves as the perfect sink basin in a country bathroom. Warm tones give this country bathroom a natural, earthy look.

Pale hues and pristine whites are great choices for creating an idyllic escape. These crisp colors bring a sense of freshness to the space and help to open it up. Adding custom moldings and beadboard call to mind turn-of-the-century cottages and beach houses. For an extra touch of whimsy, add white tiles painted with delicate flowers. Crisp, fresh, white backgrounds also set the perfect background to set off the natural matting and materials.

Stenciling allows a decorative motif, perhaps taken from the curtain fabric, to be repeated on walls, cupboard doors, floors and the sides of the bathtub.

Variations on the gingham theme, with one-color or multi-color checks, work just as well in a country-style bathroom as in a classic country kitchen. Try this with simple and uncomplicated curtain treatments with gingham fabric hung from a painted wooden pole or tied with bows on to a wrought-iron one.

Country Bathroom Design Materials

The materials should further evoke a rustic feel. Think ceramic tiles and painted wood are good choices for wall and floor coverings in this traditional setting. Plain white or cream rectangular wall tiles hung brick-fashion have a retro look, but square tiles taken to eye level and edged with a narrow black border or a patchwork of patterned Victorian tiles would work well.

Tiles and timber are also ideal for flooring. For a traditional look, create a checkered effect with black and white tiles or scrub the floorboards and leave them bare. Natural matting or terracotta tiles on floor also work with the country cottage style.

Cupboards and shelves in rustic pine (sanded and sealed rather than painted) with doors and windows to match, evoking the wooden beams of old country cottages.

Choose a weathered finish coupled with nickel-plated fixtures for the pieces lends understated personality.

Country Cottage Bathroom Fixtures

Nothing gives a country feel to a bathroom like an old fashioned claw foot bathtub!

Suitable reclaimed and reproduction fittings come in a variety of shapes, but if your aim is to create a bathroom that is visually embedded in its surroundings, choose only those that match the status of the building.

Victorian or Edwardian sanitary-ware, perhaps with floral decoration, is an appropriate choice for larger country houses, while in a modest country cottage simple fixtures in designs from the 1920s or 1930s would be more suitable.
Victorian basins and toilets were often decorated with fresh blue floral designs and though the originals are much sought after and difficult to obtain, reproduction models are easily available (but will not accurately replicate the deep, inky, indigo blue that makes the original patterns unique).

The dominant feature in a country should be the bath. A roll-top tub has the right vintage look and is impressive enough to stand in the centre of a large bathroom. In a smaller space, a standard bath placed along a wall and boxed in with tongue-and-groove paneling has a suitably nostalgic feel.

Think fixtures that impart a nostalgic feel to your bathroom; large, old-fashioned washstands with brass legs; high-level toilet cisterns worked by pull-chains; wooden toilet seats and towel rails.

Antique fairs and sale rooms are the places to look for old bathroom fixtures, cupboards or chests of drawers for storage. Before you buy, check carefully for cracks and chips, which cannot be successfully repaired.

Choose fittings for visual appeal. A console washbasin with decorative ceramic or metal legs is a pretty alternative to an urban vanity unit.

Reproduction baths and basins take on an authentic look when fitted with antique taps.

Country Style Bathroom Accessories

If country cottage is not your thing, you can always go with a bathroom in the French country style. Note the little accents that help achieve this theme: sitting chair, wall art and other accents.

Creating the style and atmosphere of the country bathroom need not be complicated or expensive. The smallest details have big impact to make your room feel quaint and nostalgic. Here are some helpful country cottage bathroom decorating ideas:

  • Wicker baskets, filled with soaps and potpourri, add an inviting touch.
  • Old enamel pots labeled for ‘soap’ and ‘sand’ reinforce the traditional look.
  • Personal touches, like an antique brush and hand mirror, coupled with a glass perfume tray, add old-fashioned appeal to the grooming area.
  • A country look relies on natural materials and textures as well as colors. A bamboo rack makes a perfect finishing touch, and a woven laundry basket and stone candleholder will also reinforce this look.
  • A large wall map above the bath hints romantically at distant shores.
  • Framed postcards introduce a touch of nostalgia.
  • Choose accessories that add character as well as color. For a lived-in feel, include items that have seen better days such as an old mirror or distressed medicine cabinet.
  • Ceramic jugs, enamel mugs and other finds from bric-a-brac stalls make bathroom accessories with the right period charm.
  • Pale, printed cotton curtains, a snowy linen blind or white-painted shutters all filter the light and give privacy.

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