Contemporary Bathroom Design

Sleek lines and smooth surfaces are characteristic of contemporary bathroom design.

The visionaries of the contemporary look were in search of simplicity to counter the complexity of modern life. And they turned to natural materials, naked and unadorned, developing a visual aesthetic based on simple lines, understated motifs and emphasis on form and functional practicality.

Streamlined, organized, crisp and clean, a contemporary design eschews fussy touches in favor of sleek lines and gleaming surface. This style of bathroom design is just perfect for smaller spaces since it often relies on a combination of natural materials such as wood, metal, stone and glass, for a feeling of openness and light.

The Right Contemporary Look

Achieving the right look with a contemporary design can be tricky. Strong lines and simple forms can only go so far: Too much glass and metal, and too little personality, can create a space that’s cold and uncomfortable. But when contemporary is done right, there’s nothing as exciting.

Though the look is definitely cutting edge, there’s nothing stark or forbidding about it; on the contrary, the light-filled bathroom feels warm and inviting. And this design doesn’t have to be all or nothing. There are varying degrees to a contemporary bathroom. You can, and should, tailor your bathroom design to suit your style and personality.

Contemporary Bathroom Color Schemes

One of the most recent developments in contemporary bathrooms is the bolder use of color. Previously, color was limited to a natural palette based on the raw materials used for the décor (monochromatic clean lines and sharp contrasts.

White floors and tiled walls were common, but gradually mosaic tiles were added to give gentle contrast, using a cheaper surface material than stone or timber and available in shimmering, watery pastels that complement the natural tones.

More intense colors have followed in the form of synthetic surfaces and glass tiles. Glass tiles are available in slip-resistant varieties for floors as well as walls.

Contemporary Bathroom Materials

As with most design schemes, the right result can be achieve with a feel, and an eye, for the right materials and design elements. Naturally textured elements like slate floor tiles and mosaic tiles provide a welcome contrast to smooth wall tiles and a wide expanse of mirror above the sinks. Playful lines, adding a curve to the silhouette of the bathtub or shower, inject a sense of humor and soften the look of the bathroom.

Surfaces that have the right aesthetic credentials for the contemporary look include natural materials such as hardwood and stone, and products such as brick, metal and concrete. Glass and modern man-made surfacing materials such as Corian and Lucite and the scope of contemporary style broadens out to a wide range of contemporary materials and surfaces.

Ultra modern bathroom design should be open, spacious and airy.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Fittings

The emphasis is on design with a capital ‘D’ and the effects are invariably dramatic. Think state-of-the-art fittings, encased in sleek, sophisticated materials such as chrome, stainless steel, sand-blasted or acid-etched glass.

In the contemporary bathroom, fittings are striking to look at but always supremely functional. Many modern furniture designers have turned their hand to bathroom design, reinterpreting the standard shapes of basins, baths and taps in dramatic and highly individual ways. Some of these pieces are unique, designed to order; others more accessible and can be found at good bathroom showrooms.

Think along the lines of:

  • Large, focal-point bathtubs made from stone, resin or timber.
  • Countertop basins in ceramic, glass, steel or stone.
  • Deceptively simple taps and wall-mounted lavatories.
  • Or alternatively, standard fittings can be given a contemporary feel by clever use of the materials around them; a basic bathtub can be transformed with side panels of brushed steel and up-to-the-minute mixer taps with high-tech controls.
  • A standard under-counter basin could be sunk into a glass worktop for a streamlined effect. Even small details like chrome cupboard door handles.

Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

The contemporary bathroom design focuses on calm and order, so any accessories should complement this. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on adding your personal touch completely. Try some of these ideas for size:

  • Hanging a single vibrant picture can send shock waves through the polite elegance of a dark monochromatic scheme.
  • A glitzy mosaic border in a mirror would echo the floor tiles.
  • A garden chair, small slated stool and rope pots, introduce character and woven, natural textures.
  • Plants, pebbles and a fiber mat all contribute more natural texture.
  • A large mirror spanning the width of the wall would give the room a greater sense of space.
  • Chrome, nickel or stainless accessories can add further metallic shine.
  • A mirror arranged geometrically with glass shelves and lamp, makes an attractive wall feature.

Final Winning Tips to pull off Contemporary Design

Remember contemporary design is all about simple, clean lines for modern elegance. Here are essential rules to ensure you pull off the contemporary bathroom design in your home:

  • If you need to partition the space in a bathroom, use glass bricks of panel, clear or frosted, to allow light to flood through.
  • Remember that wood, stone and concrete all need to be sealed to make them water-resistant.
  • Introduce color in the form of mosaic, glass tiles or synthetic surfacing materials.
  • Sanitary fittings, taps and showers in simple shapes and wall-mounted lavatories with concealed cisterns all add to the streamlined look.
  • If you have a budget, a custom-made countertop with an integral washbasin is a sophisticated alternative to under-mounted bowels.
  • Keep it clean! Contemporary bathrooms often feature a lot of gleaming surfaces, such as faucets, countertops, light fixtures and knobs. Keeping a bathroom like this sparkling is the key to making the room seem bigger and cleaner.

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