Budget Bathroom Decorating

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Learn how you can decorate your bath on a tight budget.

Studies show that throughout our lifetime, each of us will spend approximately ten months of our time in the bathroom. Despite this, many of us tend to neglect our bathrooms but it is needless to say that, from time to time, they need some tender loving care (i.e. they need decorating).

The ideal time to decorate the bathroom is during the summer season as it is when many of us undergo a lot of home improving. Unlike many other rooms in the house, the bathroom is fairly inexpensive to redecorate, unless of course you require a whole new bathroom suite.

But first things first; before getting out your paintbrushes, you should check your bathroom appliances i.e. bathtub, shower, toilet and sink, for any leakages or broken pipes. It is essential to do this because if a water leak seeps into wooden floors, or other parts of the home, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix.

So, you’ve decided to give your bathroom a facelift? It’s looking old and dingy and you fancy a change. You’ve checked for leaks and now you’re ready to go… there’s no time like the present! But you have a budget … a tight budget … you want a nice bathroom but want some money left in your wallet afterwards. If this sounds just like you then here are some great tips to getting that fabulous bathroom on a budget.

Work with What You Already Have!

The most expensive thing to replace is the entire bathroom suite … so don’t! Choose a theme that works around your old bathroom suite. You can make the most hideous things look stylish with a few adjustments and accessories here and there. Choose a theme that works well with your current suite and then you won’t break the bank balance; unless, of course, you have a few dollars to spare, in which case, just buy a new bathroom suite if you really can’t stand the look of an old, dingy, green one (or whatever color it may be.)

You can find inexpensive bathroom vanities that will really change the look of your bathroom.

Refinish or Replace Cabinets

Nothing dates a bathroom like the cabinets. You can find cheap bathroom vanities that look nice and are easy to install for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Or, use a pedestal sink for a clean, modern look and add some wainscoting or bead board to liven things up a bit. You’ll give up a bit of storage, but for a guest bath or powder room this look can be perfect!

Freshen up the Walls

Paint! Paint! Paint! The best thing since sliced bread, painting is easy and affordable and can leave even the most dated room looking modern and stylish. I recommend using light colors, such as; pale blues, lilac, pale greens and yellows because it makes the room look fresh and clean but you can always work with other colors.

Liven up the Floor

If you really hate the flooring or it’s old and dingy then there are a few ways to change it. First is to just buy a rug. It adds color to any floor and makes it look fresh. Secondly, you could buy peel-and-stick tiles. These will you give your floor a whole new look and are easy to lay. And thirdly, you could buy a cut-to-fit bathroom rug, this will also give your floor a whole new look and cover up that hideous floor that you really dislike.

Let In the Light

To make a room appear fresh, clean and airy, you need light. The best way of doing this is by hanging blinds at the windows as they let in natural sunlight. Use window shades that allow you to control privacy and natural light easily; vinyl window coverings are great in a bathroom since they won’t warp and clean easily.

Hooks and Towel Bars

A good bathroom needs to look tidy so a cheap way to keep your new bathroom looking new, clean and fresh is to add hooks and towel bars. These are great because you can add as many as you like. There is no such thing as having too many and they serve many purposes. I bet, more often than not, there is a large pile of used towels sat on the floor, usually in a corner. By using towel bars you can avoid this happening all of the time because you can put up as many as you like and just by the fact they are there, initiates a person to hang the towels there instead of on the floor.

However, if you don’t have the space for several towel rails then use hooks. They take up less space and can go just about anywhere in the room. They serve many purposes, such as hanging towels, hanging bath robes (more or less hanging any garment) and they also help keep things off the floor!

The Key to Bathroom Organization

Now that you have a fresh look, it’s time to organize and de-clutter. Take everything out of the cupboards and make two piles; the necessities and the clutter. Go through all of the things you have taken from the bathroom and organize it all, you have to be tough, get rid of anything that you never use and don’t tell yourself that you should keep it because it may come in handy one day because nine times out of ten it doesn’t. No doubt, also, that you have a few bottles of the same stuff just because it was on sale at your local supermarket but you really do not need six bottles of anti-wrinkle cream.

So now you have given in and thrown away all of the things you really don’t need, now the stuff you have kept needs a new home. The best place is usually cupboard/storage unit because it keeps it hidden away, which means less clutter.

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