Boys Bathroom Design

How young they learn!

The great thing about designing a kid’s bathroom is that there is no limit to what you choose for a theme, and best of all, parents get to join in with the imaginative fun.

However, with some many possibilities it can become very difficult what idea to settle on. These thematic ideas are sorted under boys’ bathroom designs but that doesn’t make them exclusively for males.

There are no rules and with a few small tweaks such as paint color, you can use any of these themes for a both boys and girls.

Boy’s bathroom design ideas evoke thoughts of rough and tumble, and cheeky, energetic fun. Don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do in your little boy’s bathroom, you’d be surprised as to how a few small details can easily, and affordable, bring the bathroom design alive.

Car Racing Bathroom

Put his favorite race car in the bathroom, buy a shower curtain with race cars on it or add racing stripes to create a boys bathroom with a car racing flair.

A theme that never tires for a boy’s bathroom; think vintage signs, antique-car hubcaps, and wallpaper with mini automobiles to drive this theme home. A large working spotlight and motor club sign would be great to balance a small-scale automobile wallpaper. Small one-inch floor tiles would provide great traction for a child that likes to move on wheels. Keep the fixtures white to be clean and shiny, and make the focus the car themes accessories.

Southwestern Bathroom

What kid hasn’t imagined riding horses on a ranch in the Old West? Let your little boy carry this through to the bathroom. You can keep the color scheme simple, a neutral yellow or beige or a simple soft stripe pattern or cowboy motif. Complement this with water-proofed wooden flooring or terracotta tiles and wooden or wicker cabinetry and stools.
Weathered wood details will be nicely accompanied by civilized touches such as a colorful throw rug (ensure it is slip-proof).

Dress the windows with checkered fabric curtains and rope cords or frame it with a couple of brass handmade and painted cactus cut-outs. Of course you can’t forget some cowboy-hats and lassos hung on wooden pegs as real-cowboy deal accessories.

Unique features such as this tile mosaic of primitive faces add interest to a boys bathroom theme.

Aquarium Bathroom

So convenient for the bathroom but a theme that never loses its charm. Blue and white are the best colors for this bathroom. Cobalt blue tiles surrounding the lower half of the room give instant under-the-sea effect and are complemented nicely with refreshing white walls and cabinetry.

There is no harm in painting deep-sea scenery on the top half of the wall; it would really envelop your boy in the theme. It’s easy to accessorize with this bathroom as stores have never-ending supplies. Choose accessories with a youthful touch; overload the bath tub with fun shaped starfish sponges, rubber duckies, toy boats and fish. Cute turtle shaped handles would give a fun touch to the fixtures.

Circus Bathroom

It’s a rare child who isn’t delighted by a circus. Boys are attracted to the adventurous spirit, bravery and exotic animals. Anything goes for a circus color scheme as long as its bright and energetic. Bright red and blue with touches of gold are nostalgic circus-wagon colors.

Patriotic red, white and blue boys bathroom theme is colorful without being over the top.

Maybe some colorful ‘paneling’ or fun wallpaper prints. Deck these walls with glass framed circus posters like Babar the elephant. Accent the accessories and prints with stars and circus animal shapes. Easy-to-make but nailing the circus theme: replicate a big-top tent around the window or mirror with valance details. Add flagpoles and scalloped edges to the tent flaps.

Space Bathroom

Don’t think a space themed bathroom has to mean tacky and futuristic, you can use the theme to inspire a creative space that transports him out-of-this-world. Think of dramatic geometric shapes in primary colors as well as lime green, hot orange and purple. On a simple white background, paint shapes in an exaggerated scale.

Maybe even a mural that travels up and over the roof. Think of fittings with an unusual twist, such as a stool that has legs painted as pencils. If there’s room, add a small fish aquarium and hang optical illusion performing mobiles.

Sports Bathroom

Just because it’s sporty doesn’t mean it has to look like a locker room. You will find it easier to narrow this theme down to one or two sports and then work the supportive details around this. The sporty bathroom tends to work with a simple décor, think clean white walls and varnished, water-proofed wooden floors or tiles.

A nautical theme is easy to do in your boys bathroom and you have lots of options, from beach stuff to ships, pirates and surfing.

Buy or enlarge a poster to life-size of your boy’s favorite athlete. Attach this (water-proofed) to the wall, and use it as a growth chart. Plenty of sport memorabilia in posters, flags and any collectible accessory are a must. Use a black and white checkerboard rug and curtain or simple single-tone bold colors.

Jungle Bathroom

Jungle boys like the rough, tumble and adventure of the outdoors. Make your boy’s bathroom a jungle refuge with wooden floorboards and fittings. Choose wooden or wicker furniture. On seats and stools, cover it with jungle themed fabric or paint a tribal pattern on. Choose roll down blinds either with a jungle pattern or safari colors and simple painted pictures.

There are heaps of animal printed area rugs to lie down and animal accessories in stores. To really bring the jungle bathroom theme home, perhaps make open wooden shelves look as if they are hung by rope, simply stringing them to the roof but not removing the wall attachments. A safari hat or lantern light will add a convincing final touch.

Nautical Bathroom

A shower or bathtub curtain like this pirate skulls design is one of the easiest ways to decorate a boys bathroom.

The sea, pirates and beach make perfect sense for a fun boy’s bathroom; clean crisp white again royal blue is the color scheme. Either white tiles or a wooden floor, you could paint white or even royal blue stripes on it. Think crisp white walls and crisp white fixtures, and then trim them with neat and tidy thin royal blue stripes.

There are so many wonderful nautical accessories for the bathroom to deck this theme with. A mini model boat, a steering wheel mirror, gold navy stars to deck the walls. If your little boy is a bit more cheeky, perhaps spice up this theme to give a pirate twist. Maybe a telescope or toy cutlass flanking the wall.

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