Botanical Bathroom Design

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A bathroom is by nature a wet, humid space. Use the room’s temperate atmosphere to create a glorious garden setting. Plants are the perfect natural accessories, and many thrive in this environment. If you’ve got a green thumb, the bathroom is a perfect place to put it into use.

A Garden in My Bathroom; Are You For Real?

Yes! Suppose you’re a city dweller or you live in a space where a full-scale garden seems to be out of the question. Plants aren’t much of an option except for a window box or a few seedlings on the sill. But if the desire to cultivate remains, it can provide inspiration for how to design and use your bathroom.

Plants add color and interest to any bathroom theme or design.

Be creative. You needn’t look far for a chance to use your imagination, and to find ways around your garden limitations. No matter what size your bathroom is, you’ve got the conditions necessary to create an indoor tropical paradise.

There’s a daily shower, for instance. There are regular clouds of steamy heat and frequent occurrences of the dew point in a space that’s humid by nature. There’s high intensity lighting, which you can calibrate to suit your horticultural needs. For all intents and purposes, you can essentially have a greenhouse in your home.

Botanical Bathroom Color Scheme

Place a house plant in your bathroom window where it will be sure to get light and add some natural color to your bathroom.

Earthy colors like sunny gold walls, terracotta floors, and green glass tiles are unusual for the bathroom, where palettes tend towards white, water colors or the peaches and roses that reflect prettily on the skin.

Strong colors can give a bathroom distinction. A garden palette suits a botanical bathroom, especially one graced by natural light. If you choose unconventional colors, keep it simple. Dark tones are good for the floor, while lighter and/or saturated hues work better for the walls.

Botanical Bathroom Materials

Have fun with the materials you choose for your garden bathroom. Think about using earthier textures for your bathroom’s surfaces, such as the Mexican terra-cotta paving tiles on the floor (commonly called Saltillo tile).

Mix and match materials; integrally colored plaster walls with glass and stone containers will create a sensually sophisticated and visually pleasing composition.

Hanging plants such as Ivy, which are hardy, make a good choice when decorating your bathroom without giving up valuable space.

Some excellent choices for this theme include:

Terra Cotta – Meaning “baked earth”, terra cotta is used to make tiles that are usually hard-fired (whether glazed or not) for architectural uses like floors. Because terra-cotta is somewhat soft, tiles should be glazed after installation and periodically refinished.

Stucco Veneziano – In Venice in the 1500s, builders added marble dust to lime plaster to create walls that looked like marble without its weight. What came to be known as Venetian plaster is applied in multiple thin coats. Today it is often acrylic based.

Glass Mosaic Tiles – Available in a wide range of colors and degrees of transparency and opacity, glass mosaic tiles add a special, liquid quality to bathroom surfaces. Leafy-green square tiles lining a shower enclosure would beautifully echo the bathroom’s green plants.

Botanical Bathroom Design Fixtures

This maidenhead fern is perfectly suited to the moist and humid conditions in your bathroom.

How far should you go with the garden theme? A high ceiling in your bathroom could accommodate a small tree while in a smaller space you might consider using her topiaries. Keep the rest of the bathroom interior simple, to contrast with this lush greenery.

Choose a toilet and bathtub that epitomize a contemporary, sculptural aesthetic. A modern, sculptural toilet would be one with the profile of a chair with an unusually tall tank that creates a backrest, in a pure form. A wide, rounded sink suggests the whirls and spirals of flowing water. For a luxurious treat, choose an elegant high-sided bathtub with depth for soaking.

Fixtures in matching porcelain-smooth finish would provide a visual and textural contrast with plaster walls, tiled floors and hemp rugs. Keep the plumbing concealed and over-the-sink cabinets recessed into the wall so as not to interrupt the room’s sleek surfaces.

Botanical Bathroom Accessories

Try to think of accent pieces and ways to display plants creatively in your bathroom design. Who knows; perhaps a cactus will look nice in a soap dish!

  • Accessorizing a garden bathroom provides interesting decorative challenges. What’s suitable for use as a plant stand? Take the challenge, and be creative, here are some imaginative ideas to get you started:
  • Consider repurposing a wall shelf, like a mahogany wood one as a plant stand. Mahogany is a durable choice for bathroom furniture.
  • Crisp white towelling and fixtures will serve to bring each hue and surface into focus.
  • A moss “bath mat” is a witty accent.
  • A garden trellis, commonly used for arranging trailing greens like ivy, makes a striking wall display and functions as a holder for rolled towels and reading material.
  • And most importantly for this bathroom theme, the moisture loving plants suited for these conditions to serve as the main accessory:
  • Moisture-loving citrus trees such as, lemon, lime, and orange, all of which have fragrant blossoms that release a delicious, tantalizing perfume.
  • Water Hyacinth and Jatropha are other species that are well suited to bathroom horticulture.
  • Also many varieties of Orchids and Bromeliads do well in a garden-themed bathroom.

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