Bathroom Sink Ideas And Tips

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You can really make your bathroom decor unique by the shape, form and design style of a sink.

An infinite array of shapes, sizes, materials, and structures to choose from. Old, new, or repurposed; porcelain, metal, glass, or stone and the list of shapes, sizes and styles goes on and on, making it a challenge to pick the bathroom sink that best fits your bathroom decor.

Any vessel that can be plumbed can function as a bathroom sink and combines with the Bathroom Countertop to create a strong focal point in your bathroom, both visually as well as functionally.

Today’s bathroom sinks can be truly artistic. With beautiful proportions, rich colors and decorative finishes, these sculptural forms can make your bathroom extraordinary.

And whether you like a minimalist look or one that’s infused with tradition, you’re sure to find the perfect fixture and fitting.

Planning the Space for your Bathroom Sink

When choosing a bathroom sink, first consider the height of those who will be using it.

Vintage sinks standing at 31 inches high may be too short for a tall person, while standard porcelain models, at 33 to 36 inches may be too tall for a small child.

You can opt for wall-mounted sinks at any height, or combine a basin with a customized base. If you have space, mount the bowl on the countertop. For the cleanest edge, drop it in flush, or under mount it.

Bathroom Sink Styles

There are six basic sink styles on the market today. The style you choose will depend on your taste, budget and the size of your space:

A standard self-rimming type sink works well in most any bathroom, even if you later decide to redecorate other design elements.

  • Self-Rimming Sinks – The most common and easiest to install. They have a rim that overlays the countertop and makes them easy to retrofit into existing countertops, as long as they are the same size. Adhesive applied to the raised rim or lip, which rests on top of the counter, holds the sink in place and forms a waterproof seal. Debris can collect around the sink rim, but it’s pretty simple to clean.
  • Under-Mount Sink Basins – Joined to the vanity surface from below, so there is no raised lip, emphasizing the countertop material and making cleanup easy – debris sweeps directly from the counter into the sink without catching on a rim. Keep in mind, that because under-mount sinks expose the counter substrate, they require expert sink and countertop installation for a precise, clean fit.A pedestal sink works great in a powder bath or other smaller bathroom space.
  • Integral Sinks – Perhaps the most hygienic option. Manufactured from stainless and solid surfacing, they are fused with the countertop to form on seamless, easily maintained unit. They are usually custom designs and require special installations that will spike the cost.
  • Vessel Sinks – Appear to sit on top of the vanity counter, allowing their shapes and colors to function almost as a sculpture within the room. In reality most rest in a custom-cut hole in the vanity top. Vessels are made of everything from fireclay, stone or metal to heavy-duty glass.
  • Pedestal Sinks – Fit on top of a pedestal-shaped base and are ideal for small sized bathrooms. They have a classic, traditional look. Keep in mind, however, that pedestals offer no storage underneath and little surface area for toiletries.
  • Console Sinks – Stand on two or four legs rather than on a central pedestal, provide wide, practical decks that allow a clear space underneath for knee space and wheelchair access. The disadvantage though, like pedestals, is that they offer no storage.

Avoid overcrowding your countertops. You should only install dual sinks if you have enough space for the arrangement to be balanced and in scale with the rest of the space.

Bathroom Sink Size

When choosing your bathroom sink, always check to make sure both hands fit comfortably in the basin to keep splashing to a minimum.

In a high-traffic bathroom, the bowl should be no less than 19 inches wide, 15 to 16 inches front to back, and 6 inches deep.

In a powder room, the bowl may be narrower, but no shallower from front to back.

Bathroom Sink Materials

When shopping for a sink, you’ll also find a wide range of options in materials, including vitreous china, marble and other stones, solid surfacing and stainless steel.

Composites, or cultured stone, are made of granite particles suspended in a polyester resin. Fireclay, a durable ceramic, offers a hard, glossy finish and is strong enough to sustain larger designs, some of which almost resemble furniture.

Other materials such as glass, hammered metal, concrete, wood and stone have taken vessel sinks to new heights of style. Just keep in mind that these products are most appropriate for a powder room, where they’ll receive less wear and tear.

Here is the lowdown of the advantages and disadvantages of the four main materials you will find your sinks are constructed in:

An art glass vessel sink give this bathroom design a completely unique and stylish look.

  • Porcelain-Enamel Cast Iron Sinks – Extremely durable and easy to care for, but are heavy and require study support.
  • Vitreous China Sinks – Have a lustrous, easy-clean surface and are available in many choices of rich colors. They’re lighter than porcelain-enamel cast-iron sinks and are the most resistant to discoloration and corrosion. Heavy items dropped in or on these sinks will crack or chip them.
  • Solid-Surfacing Material – Offers solid colors as well as stone lookalikes. One significant advantage is that one-piece, integrated sinks and countertops are available in solid-surfacing for a seamless look and easy cleaning. Of these materials acrylic-resin is the most durable and requires little maintenance. Polyester and cultured marble scratch and dull more readily.
  • Stainless-Steel Sinks – Durable and unaffected by household chemicals. They do tend to show hard water and soap stains more readily than other materials.

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