Bathroom Sink Faucet Buyer’s Guide

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Simple yet elegant, a chrome single-handle, center-set design is also designed for function!

Like a unique and dazzling work of art, a new bathroom sink faucet can add a bit of whimsy, set a bold tone or even serve as a central design element in your bathroom décor, giving it designer style and upscale features.

The range of styles and choices has transformed these once strictly utilitarian details into architectural centerpieces.

To give almost any sink a fresh look without spending a fortune, nothing compares with some of the newest designs in faucets.

Add an elegant bowl sink or the modern look of an under-mounted sink, decorative pedestal or vanity and your bathroom will take on a whole new look!

Styles range from barely there wall-mounted faucets to elaborate metal sculptures and come in any number of finishes.

Polished chrome is still the class choice, but other options include satin and polished variations of gold, brass, bronze, nickel and stainless steel. You’ll find dozens of bathroom sink faucet options with simple yet strong lines and sensuous detailing.

His and hers sinks in the master bath is a great way to add style and function with a single effort. Understated bathroom sink faucets give more emphasis to design elements such as under-mounted sinks, natural stone and design accents.

Of course, the standards are still available and Rafter Tales can help you discover that these time-honored designs have fresher, ever more unique and stylish looks today. Bathroom faucets are available with plenty of options to work within your personal budget, function and design requirements.

Some bathroom sink faucets have also been upgraded in the technology department and include sensors that detect changes in pressure and temperature when water is being turned on at another faucet in the house. Some even have anti-scald features. Today, aside from serving a much-needed function, bathroom sink faucets also add sparkle and can act as the finishing touch on your bathroom design.

Soft curves and a brass finish match the feminine design of this makeup vanity.

Before You Begin …

Even with finer details like your bathroom sink faucet, there is plenty to consider before making your choice. You need to take a long hard look at what you’re working with. To help you, we’ve narrow it down to four important areas; Space, Budget, Function, Style.

The space and function you are working with will determine the layout, size and type of bathroom sink faucet you can include. Consider the routine of your bathroom sink: Tall, arching profiles won’t interfere with the basin if you’re bathing a baby or washing hair.

Lower spouts, whether straight or curved, offer an increased rush of water but less clearance and typically require a deeper bowl. Your new bathroom sink faucet gives you the chance to correct all those annoying limitations that bathroom design can cause so make the most of this opportunity and consider your needs.

And then there’s style to consider. Although a smaller detail, your bathroom sink faucet influences the way the space will feel. Determining your tastes will help you decide the materials, fittings and artwork in your faucet choice to figure out the style just right for you.

In the bathroom fixtures market today there are endless design options to work within the final factor to consider; your budget. Consider everything carefully and your final result will be both functional and pleasurable; an investment to last as long as your home.

Bathroom Faucet Types

The different types of faucets available for the bathroom can be distinguished by the way the unit’s handles and spouts are arranged. There are four faucet types to choose from:

  • Single-handle faucets are most commonly used in the bath. They have one spout and one handle that control the flow of both hot and cold water. They are generally safer and more convenient to use that their two-handled counterparts. With practise you can find the temperature first try. You can also turn the water on with your elbow or wrist when your hands are full or dirty.
  • Center-set faucets combine a spout and handle in one unit making them very easy to use. These faucets have either single-handle or double-handle controls. Most are designed for a three-hole basin, with the outside holes spaced 4 inches from center to center. However, some have a single-post design that requires only one hole.
  • Add style and function with a two-handle wide spread bathroom sink faucet set if you like to control hot and cold water for that perfect temperature.

  • Wide-spread faucets have hot and cold valves and spouts that are mounted separately. The connection for them is concealed below the sink deck. You can individualize them even more if they are mounted on a countertop next to the sink. For example, you can place the spout on a rear corner and the handles off to one side. They work well for wall-mounted applications or for hard-to-fit high-design sinks and tubs. This type of faucet offers a more traditional look than single-handle faucets and you can combine different style handles and spouts for a custom look.
  • Wall-mount faucets are attached to the wall as opposed to the sink or the counter. These faucets are designed for unusually shaped sink, such as antique bowls or other vessels that have been modified for use in the bath.

Bathroom Faucet “Centers”

When shopping for faucets, you’ll need to know about “centers”; the distance between the center of one handle and the center of the other. Faucets mounted on the basin usually have 4-inch centers but can come in 6 or 8 inches. Wall-mounted faucets can come in 4 ½-inch and 6-inch centers. If you are replacing an old faucet, the easiest thing to do is take it with you to purchase a new one.

Bathroom Sink Faucet Forms and Finishes

Faucet finishes vary from the standard chrome and brass to pewter and nickel. There are also combinations of finishes, such as chrome and nickel. Higher-end prices faucets include bisque and ceramic finishes and fine metal overlays of gold or sterling silver for detailing.

Classic chrome bath sink faucets remain the most popular and affordable choice.

The most important aspect to pay attention to when making your decision is the craftsmanship of the product. Solid cast-brass is the best quality and longest lasting. Plastic varieties are cheap but do not perform as well.

You want to find a faucet that is fine plated finished, with no visible seams; good quality means your faucet will last longer and you won’t be disappointed.

Where it is possible, you want to choose a faucet finish that will give your bathroom a unified appearance. There are plenty of color options; even for faucets with a metallic finish.

You’ll find everything from classic polished or satin chrome to brushed nickel with deep bronze tones.

Selecting a painted or enamel finish will really allow you to coordinate your faucets with the rest of your bathroom design scheme.

Bathroom Faucet Finishes

To make the job easier, here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of each bathroom sink faucet finish:

  • Classic chrome gleams beautifully in modern bathrooms. Chrome finishes come polished, brushed or matte. Polished chrome is extremely hard, easily cleaned, and doesn’t oxidize. Brushed or matte chrome on the other hand, has a softer appearance and is as durable as polished chrome. Inexpensive chrome simply sprayed over plastic parts tends to peel, so you want to make sure the faucet you buy is metal.
  • Brass finishes will update any bathroom to a classic style, offering a subtle, sophisticated look. Brass fixtures are available in polished, satin, and antique finishes. Look for those with titanium finishes, which resist scratching, fading and corrosion – problems common to faucets in standard brass finishes.
  • Baked enamel or epoxy coatings are available in many colors and are easy to clean. However, they’re prone to chipping and fading over time, and some chemicals can damage their color.
  • Gold plate come in polished, brushed or matte finishes and has great visual appeal. Quality gold resists tarnish whereas matte finishes hide scratches. These fixtures are expensive, and quality can vary. It is important for the manufacturer to seal the finish or the gold remains vulnerable to damage.
  • Nickel is the perfect finish to create an antique bathroom atmosphere. Nickel finishes are available in polished, brushed, or matte finishes, and offers a softer tone than hard chrome. Like gold, these fixtures are expensive and the quality will vary depending on the manufacturer.

Bathroom Faucet Brands

To set you in the right direction to achieve the perfect look and performance from your bathroom sink faucet, here are some of the leading brands manufacturing faucets today:

From modern to traditional, the array of options in bathroom sink fixtures in the major brands today is nearly endless.

Danze – Within the US, Danze has swiftly become a leading force in manufacturing bath and shower faucets. Danze boasts thousands of products to choose from with plenty of choice in styles and finishes. Danze has a great customer service and warranties to guarantee your satisfaction.

Delta Faucet – Hundreds of faucets and valves come from Delta Faucet Company in a number of brands such as Delta, Brizo and Peerless. Delta Faucet Company is one of the largest faucet manufacturers in the world.

Grohe – Specializing in faucets for both bathrooms and kitchens, Grohe produces products for a range of interior styles. Grohe can offer faucets for everything from a classical style through to the latest sleek, modern designs.

Kohler – For over a century, Kohler have manufactured quality fixtures and fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. Kohler’s 31,000 worldwide associates is testament to the high quality product Kohler produces.

Moen – Has a long reputation for innovation and quality. Moen are experienced in the business as the original producers of the single-handed faucet. The fantastic warranties and toll-free consumer help to assist with all your consumer needs ensured Moen will be offering outstanding products and service for plenty of years to come.

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