Trash Compactor

Many new homes come equipped with a trash compactor. But if yours did not, or you purchased an older home that does not have one, purchasing a trash compactor may be a good investment!

There are several types of trash compactors, and you should evaluate what your needs and your budget are.

  • A freestanding compactor has a finished top and can be used for additional counter space. Make sure you don’t place anything breakable on top of the compactor.
  • An under-the-counter compactor doesn’t have a finished top and can be installed between cabinets. Trim kits are available for a flush console look. Make sure your measurements include the trim kit when installing your under-the-counter compactor.
  • A convertible compactor can be installed as freestanding or under-the-counter.

The exact width, height and depth will vary on each compactor. Make sure you measure the area you want to install your trash compactor in before you make your purchase. Don’t forget to allow room for trim work!

Trash Compactor

Also, be sure to look for the following safety features:

  • Anti-jam system (to prevent the compactor from jamming)
  • Tilt sensors (to prevent compactor from operating if it is not level)
  • Removable key knob control (to prevent accidental operation)
  • Keep children away from the trash compactor.

Except for occasional cleaning, compactors are virtually maintenance free.

  • Always wear thick, sturdy gloves when cleaning your compactor.
  • Unplug the compactor.
  • Remove the bag and caddy, or bin, and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Periodically, check and replace the air freshener or charcoal filter.

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