Top DIY Tips to Improve the Value of Your Home

Over the recent years, particularly before the financial crisis, it has become popular to perform DIY or home improvement on houses to increase their value. While it’s definitely true that you can improve the value of your home by improving its condition and attractiveness – some improvements simply don’t pay off.

There is absolutely no point in spending money on home improvements, plumbing, electrics etc. if the cost of performing them is no going to be reflected in the price you sell your home for in the end. Here are some top tips to help you get an idea of the kind of improvements you should be making to your home in order to improve its value without wasting your money:

Make a plan

You should ensure that you consider every decision properly before making it. It’s very likely that quick, hasty decisions

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are going to cost you dearly. What this boils down to is not making quick, hasty decisions that could be costly and unprofitable.


Generally speaking, extending your house and making more room is a good idea. Typically, this could involve converting a loft or basement or perhaps adding an outbuilding or improving a disused annex. Old garages that are no longer used can be a great way to improve the value of your home – try converting them in to office space or even an extra bedroom. Just be sure to leave the area more as a blank canvas as buyers needs will all be different.

Knowing the Limits

Sometimes, no matter how great the extension or improvement is – it won’t result in more cash in your pocket after the sale. Knowing the house price limit of your area is crucial as this is likely to be the most people will pay regardless of the improvements. If you think your house is near the ceiling price then be very wary of spending more cash making improvements as you could find yourself out of pocket.

Clean and Neutral

It’s very important when undergoing improvements to keep your personality and tastes out of design choices. Bold, brash colours may be great in your opinion but it’s quite possible that a lot of other potential buyers will hate them.

These types of errors can be incredibly costly considering they are relatively cheap and easy to fix. The aim when painting and decorating rooms should be to create a blank canvas so buyers can imagine themselves living in the area more easily. Top tips for doing this are:

  • Paint walls light, neutral shades.
  • Clean up clutter – especially kids toys and unnecessary items left around the house.
  • Remove personal touches – It won’t do any harm if you remove personal items like family portraits, kids drawings and any unusual decorations during the viewing process. These items can often stick in buyers minds and make it hard for them to fall in love with your property.
  • Keep it clean – this should go without saying but all too often simple cleanliness can be enough to put a buyer off. Make sure that your house is impeccable for the viewing period. This also extends to basic decorating tasks, if you have really dirty skirting boards then repaint them, if the front door is a mess then a re-varnish won’t do any harm to your final sale price.

Follow these tips and hopefully you can successfully increase the value of your home and not waste money on pointless improvements!

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