To Move or Improve Your Home?

Moving home is expensive, time-consuming and needless to say; a lot of hassle. However sometimes it feels like the only option. If our family is growing and our existing space seemingly shrinking, the estate agents are often the first place we turn.

Consider a Remodel

However, there are alternatives. Despite the cost of an extension; when compared with the total outlay tied up in selling your existing house then upsizing and redecorating a new home, the extension could work out to be substantially cheaper. That’s not to mention the added expense of time taken off work in order to move, as well as the inevitable stress that the entire process entails.

There are three primary types of home extension. The conservatory, the kitchen expansion and the loft conversion. The one you choose will of course, be dependent upon your needs. While many would choose the loft conversion should they require an additional bedroom or two, and alternative is to have a conservatory built and then to convert your living room into a bedroom.

Updating the Kitchen

However, a ‘sense of space’ can be achieved simply by updating your existing rooms. Perhaps your kitchen isn’t too small – maybe it just isn’t practical. A kitchen that is cluttered with unnecessary pots and pans is going to feel substantially smaller than one resembling a retired chef’s jumble sale.

Updating the fittings in the kitchen can concurrently bring the room a new lease of life along with additional practicality and an increased sense of space. For example, is your kitchens sink area as practical as it could be? If you have a growing family, then perhaps a move to a dual sink and tap set could be the update you need. Dual sinks allow you to leave dishes to soak in one sink, while the other is used to wash up. Alternatively, you can use one sink for washing fruits or vegetables while the other is housing the dirty dishes.

It’s worth investing in quality brands if you’re going to shell out for a replacement of this nature. Brands such as Franke taps and sinks and Astracast are highly recommended due to their contemporary designs and quality manufacturing processes. Another bonus to investing in a brand such as Franke taps and sinks is that they have a clear cut spare parts procedure – a necessity should something ever go wrong with the appliance in the future.

In addition, you may want to consider investing in a cooker hood. Franke cooker hoods are also available, for those who want the reassurance that they are investing in something that will last.

The benefits of a cooker hood, whether it’s Franke cooker hoods or any other brand, is that they extract the smoke and smells that are produced when cooking. These can then stick to the walls, equipment and furnishings in your home and can make them appear drab and dreary way ahead of their time. This is not something you want when trying to make your home feel larger, since dirty walls and furnishings will instantly make a room feel smaller, while cleanliness will in contrast make it feel larger and more welcoming.

Updating Living Spaces

Making your living room feel larger and more homely can again, make a huge difference to how you perceive your home,

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and help to eradicate the idea of or need to move.

First of all, remove any clutter from the room. If you don’t need it, simply throw it out. If you do need it, either place it elsewhere or invest in some decent storage. Tidy rooms feel much larger than messy rooms.

If your walls are a dark colour, or simply look dirty and in need of a lick of paint – then repaint them! Painting is a very easy and cost-effective way to instantly improve the look and feel of any room and is one of the first things you should complete as part of a home renovation.

You should also consider whether your furniture is practical for the room. Is there too much furniture or is it too large for the available space? If the answer’s yes, then look at investing in some replacements. You can always sell on your old furniture to help some way towards the cost.

If you still can’t decide whether to move or improve, remember this – even if you do renovate or extend your home and then decide to sell up, any of the work you’ve completed will only increase the value of your home and make it easier to sell – a win, win situation!

Amy Fowler wrote this post on behalf of the Kitchen Appliance Centre who supply Franke taps and Frank cooker hoods. Amy enjoys writing about subjects including home improvement and interior design.

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