The Perfect Kitchen Island Design for Your Kitchen

Kitchen islands have become very popular in recent years.

Kitchen islands have become more elaborative, adding kitchen appliance, cabinet designs and accessories like sinks designed specially for food preparation.

Kitchen Islands evolved from the classic kitchen tables. But today, the design of a kitchen island has become a fully equipped kitchen focal point, complete with food preparation sink, refrigerator, and even cook tops.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands Add Decorative and Functional Value

There are many advantages of putting a kitchen island in your kitchen design; it provides additional space, extra space for appliances and additional storage space. A kitchen island also makes a great focal point for your kitchen, with stools on the open side that make it a great place to gather during parties and get-togethers with family and friends.

A simple surface, the traditional kitchen island is sometimes can be an elegant to any kitchen. But, you can also add additional style and function with features like corner posts, bump outs, and open shelves.

A kitchen island provides efficiency and convenience by creating an efficient workspace.

Your kitchen island is best placed in the center of the kitchen. Kitchen islands also serve well as a dividing element between your kitchen and eating area or living and family room space. This makes for a convent mix of preparing meals, while socializing with your guests at the same time.

According to statistics, kitchen islands are one of the most popular features of new and remodeled kitchens today. More and more homeowners who are remodeling their houses decide to make the kitchen island a center piece in their kitchen, specially requesting a kitchen island design when working on plans with their architect or interior designer.

While providing needed counter space, many kitchen island designs also incorporate state-of-the art features like a warming oven, dishwasher, small refrigerator or wine cooler, and plenty of storage space.

You can also go more upscale and design a multi-level kitchen island design, with storage space for cookbooks, wine racks, a deep fryer, bar or food prep sink, and eating area. A multi-level countertop surface enhances the interior design, adding functional and decorative value.

Kitchen Island Styles

Kitchen island designs have become so popular that interior designers must be inspired to create new and unique kitchen island styles.

You want your kitchen island design to be unique, so these days there are islands in many different shapes and styles. A rounded, oval, L-shaped or more angular shaped kitchen island could bring a fresh look to your kitchen.

Many kitchen island designs will have a breakfast bar. Instead of the traditional rectangle, they may have a triangular shape orientation, with a sink, refrigerator, and cook top that form the focal point of your kitchen plan design.

Elements of Kitchen Island Design

Aside from the basic appliances that are associated with the kitchen island design, there are additional features that can be added in your kitchen design.

These could be your main or secondary oven, additional electric outlets and switches, shelves, and storage utilities like pull outs or lazy Susan rotating shelving. These features greatly enhance access to commonly used pots, pans and other frequently used cooking utensils.

Your kitchen counter could be built with the same materials as your kitchen island counter top. But if you want to create a more interesting look in your kitchen islands, you may consider using different materials aside from the materials you used in your kitchen islands, giving your island a more eclectic and more contrasting design element.

Kitchen islands lighting is very important in your kitchen. Your island lighting should provide good overall ambient lighting, with overhead can lighting or fluorescent fixtures, task lighting for work centers and some more decorative or accent lighting to add depth and warmth. Accent lighting provides the dramatic effect that you want to highlight your kitchen island area.

Whether you decide on a traditional kitchen island or something more elaborate, the functional utility and beauty of a kitchen island makes this the center piece of most modern kitchen designs today; something you can enjoy and get good usefulness for many years to come!

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