Saving Money With Bath and Shower Tray Repairs

When you’re re-decorating your home, it’s easy to go over-budget. There are so many unexpected expenses to worry about. The good news is that there are also some nice places for unexpected savings. For example, bath repairs and shower tray repairs can save you a lot of money when it comes to sprucing up your bathroom, leaving you free to spend more in other areas.

Let’s face it, you probably don’t spend all that much time in the bathroom – so the thought of spending thousands on new fittings probably doesn’t fill you with the same excitement as the thought of getting a new home entertainment setup for the living room. So, why bother spending that much money? Bath repairs may well be all you need! There’s no sense in getting an entire new shower fitting if shower tray repairs will let you keep your existing shower.

Why not just replace everything?

Replacing your entire bathroom might sound like a good option in the short term – especially if you’re already in spending mode because you’re doing up the rest of the house. You may be tempted to just buy a new set of fittings and pay a specialist to install them. Stop and think for a moment. Why spend money on replacing something that still works when you could put that money towards an even nicer carpet, or a bigger TV, or a couple of luxurious options for the fitted kitchen? Unless your plumbing is from the Stone Age, there’s probably no good reason to re-do the bathroom completely. There’s also the environmental point to consider. The mantra of ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, ‘recycle’ applies to everything – even home decorating.

You can fix a lot of problems by using a shower tray repairs service. Everything from cracks and chips to leaking taps can be fixed. Some bath repairs are easy enough that you can do them yourself, but bigger jobs may require that you pay a specialist. Even if you have to bring someone in to do the job for you, the savings should still be massive compared to buying an entire new set of fittings.

Breathe New Life into Your Old Tub

Granted, bath repairs are not the most glamorous subject, but if they are done well, and combined with some skillful decorating, they can make your old tub look brand new. You could even make some room in your budget to add a nice new shower curtain to your shower repairs plan. Sometimes a little accessory like that is all you need to make your bathroom look great again.

The great news is that some bath repairs are not expensive. An expert can fit a new bathtub liner in just a couple of hours, and shower tray repairs are often something that specialists can do to perfection – with invisible repairs that make the fitting look like it’s brand new again. If it’s the finish that needs re-done, then that may be a longer process, but it’s still something that a specialist can do in a cost-effective manner.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Hometech UK. Amy writes on a variety of topics including how shower tray and bath repairs can save homeowners money.

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