Save Costs at Home with DIY

There are so many things within our homes that need to be effectively maintained. Costly damage, wear and tear and accidental damage to items and possessions within the home, as well as fittings and fixtures, can mean we face expensive repair or replacement bills – and those surprises tend to come at the worst time.

Do it yourself, house improvement, repair or remodeling – call it what you like, but it makes a lot of sense in today’s economy if we can conduct part or all of the work involved in maintaining the home ourselves.

DIY has been rife in the UK since the 1970’s, where it became essential to be able to care for the home without paying out for expensive tradesmen. And even today its inspiring to know that we can do most of the work we need to do indoors and out, ourselves, with just a little knowledge and a bit of common sense!

Here is a list of jobs that you may choose to do in your own home, instead of hiring an experienced expert:

  • Tiling – Walls & Floors
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Basic Electricity
  • Gardening
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Lighting
  • Fitting Doors & Windows
  • Hanging Shelves

Tiling can be quite timely if you are not already experienced, and if you are planning to tile just one wall or the floor in the smallest room in the house, it may be financial more viable to hire in an expert. This is because the equipment can be expensive to buy. If you intend to do that room and others in your home, or are tiling all four walls and the floor of a particular room, it sometimes can be an investment as well as providing you with a great hands on, and rewarding, experience.


You may wish to learn about basic plumbing jobs so that you don’t have the expense of calling a professional in the event of an emergency. Being able to fix plumbing issues, fit a new shower or toilet or simply plumb in new kitchen appliances can be helpful if you don’t want to rely on a tradesmen. Yet for those who aren’t confident enough to bleed radiators, you may wish to call on that expert so you are assured of a safe, good quality job.


Changing fuses and plugs, or changing sockets, are all quite small jobs but it’s important to be safe and know that the electricity feeding the area you intend to work on is switched off before you begin – it’s surprising how many accidents and deaths are still caused by forgetfulness and carelessness.


Creating a new look for a garden can be daunting, but very rewarding. Whether you intend to have a design drawn up for you or you want to plan it, most designs and garden revamps can be done with the type of equipment that most of us already have in our tool sheds.


Decorating your home, whether you intend to revamp it for the family Christmas or simply want a new look, can be easy to do. But its important to take your time. Take a look online at how a painter and decorator plans his work – there is method in getting the look just right. Remember to remove fittings and cover floors and furniture before you proceed!


Hanging shelves and assembling flat pack furniture might seem easy, but the amount of people that get it wrong, damaging the item or even worse injuring themselves, is shocking! There are simply lots of ways to find out how to put flat pack furniture together, fixing it neatly and securing it in place safely is one of the most important things to consider.

Whatever DIY you are planning, it is vital not to cut corners. If you want a high quality look, you must take your time and do it yourself with care – this is your home and its very easy to devalue it with shoddy workmanship.

And, if in doubt, always call on a professional tradesmen that you can trust. The Federation of Master Builders and The Gas Safe Register are two of the most important places you will find qualified and proven tradesmen that will conduct their work in your home safely and responsibly.

Some of the things that should only be completed by a professional are roofing, building and fitting windows and doors. This ensures your safety and that your home is secure and weather proof.

Let us know what DIY projects you have recently carried out and what tips/advice could you recommend to our readers?

Louisa is a keen blogger who likes writing about many subject inluding home improvements, DIY and gardening. She writes professional copy for Vufold who specialise in sliding folding doors and french doors for your home.

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